Girl named Ruby is being overwhelmed with final exams. The only thing which could possibly ruin her life even more is to fall in love with already taken curly boy. Poor girl.


4. "Life´s not cool."

The day at school passed quickly. I am so glad that my friends didn’t force me to go shopping with them after last period. They know that I can´t stand waiting for them until they waste all pocket money. It´s not like I hate shopping. I just hate girls shopping. You know what I mean!

When I came home, I quickly run to my room, trying to avoid any meaningless conversation like How was your day at school? It looks like no one´s home. I clapped a little and lied on my bed with my hands raised like I was praying for rain. I suddenly remembered about yesterday. Fuck. You can´t bring that up so often, Ruby! There is nothing I can do with this whole situation. I am just not lucky enough. It would be so easy if the boy who I actually like would like me too. Enough! I shook my head and all the annoying thoughts with it. I took my laptop to bed and quickly searched for the Arctic Monkeys old album. No worries Ruby! You´re just making sure you were right when you said I Bet You Look Good on The Dance Floor is the best song. I put my earphone on and enjoyed the music echoing through my numb mind when someone´s hand landed on my shoulder. “Ruby, can we talk?” My mum spoke up worriedly. Oh. “Yes mum, what´s wrong?” She put her serious look, it must be important then. She smiled at me and sat on my messy bed. Her long hands rubbed her tights. She sighed. “Dad told me about your grades...” Oh shit. How could he... I told him only the things I don’t want to tell my mum. He is more liberal when it comes to school.  He totally gets me when I came pissed from school. “I know you are a smart girl Ruby, so what´s wrong?” I bit my bottom lip. “It´s not like I am not trying mum, but... I don´t know these days are... kind of... bad.” I was trying so hard not to say fucked up in front of my mother. She frowned. “But you liked Math...” She asked and folded her arms by her lap. I liked Math? Is this woman even my mother? “Math doesn’t like me. That´s the problem.” I grinned and she joined me. She understands me. I am not a bad student and she knows it. But she still looked concerned. She went through her hair and coughed. Oh. She is hiding something. “What it is mum?” I asked her worriedly. She put the widest grin on her face and I know she did something not so pleasant. “I got you tutoring!” She spoke up quickly. “You did what?” “Honey, it´s not like your dad and I don’t trust you but it will help you! I promise.” My eyes are widened and I suddenly feel on fire. “I don’t want to spend all my free time sitting with some old lady drawing numbers on recycled paper!” Her mouth narrowed into short line. She is hiding her smile. “It´s not an old lady at all. It´s Annie´s boy. Harry? Yes Harry.” She pretended like she couldn´t recall his name but I know her. She does know his name. “No way...” I shook my head and stood up from bed. I straighten my denim skirt and took a deep breath. “Tell me you didn’t...” She cut me off. “Honey, he graduated last year even though he is the same age as you are. He really is a smart kid. I can tell.” She grinned. Ohh. I know you can tell. “Look, I am your mother after all. So you had better obey me...” She suddenly act like grown up. “You start today. I´ve already called Annie. Well she was the one who suggested... you know...Well, my point is Ruby, we are not going to discuss it.” I am so angry right now I want to scream . How could she... My mother. My family. She totally ruined my avoiding-Harry plan. How can I concentrate on Math in his company. This is not so good plan mum. She has already walked downstairs. Why do I think this isn’t just about my grades? AAGGH. I exhaled heavily and followed her downstairs. “This is not cool mum!” I shouted at her from the staircase. She suddenly appeared in hallway. “Life´s not cool.” She grinned and walked away. “Can you at least tell me when...” I didn’t finish my sentenced. My mum walked immediately back with a smile on her face. “ At five. And don’t be late Ruby please!” Oh god. I am really doing this.

I am standing in front of the vast bricked house. Or mall. I am not sure. It looks enormous, but my mum wouldn’t have given me a wrong address. She was the only one thrilled about this stupid idea. I hesitantly pushed a door bell. I could hear how the sound echoed through the whole house. I am just standing here, trying to think about the possible escape when the front door suddenly opened. I could only see the shadow of the male figure. It wasn’t Harry though. The man went out just in his slippers. “You must be Ruby...” He walked to me and let me inside. The big metal gate suddenly closed by itself. Oh. “...I am Harry´s dad... quickly come inside it´s cold!” He smiled at me and led me through winding path inside. I was totally taken aback by this whole villa that I didn’t even realise I haven´t introduced myself. “Good evening Sir, yes I am Ruby I am here...” He didn’t let me finished. “I know, Harry is already waiting for you...” He grinned while closing the big wooden door. God. This is literally the most beautiful house I have ever seen. And I have only seen the hallway. My eyes are tracing the high ceiling, massive wooden floor and all the warm coloured- walls. This boy works in bakery when he can easily own one. “Dad, I can take this from here...” Harry suddenly walked towards me, his eyes prepared to take my coat. Oh. I smiled politely. “Hi Ruby!” He smiled at me and I tried so hard to find my lost heart beat. Can he be more flawless? “Hi, I am sorry for all of this, it´s my mum and...” He smirked. “My mum is being involved too, don’t worry. So...” He rubbed his huge hands. “Follow me...” I suddenly realised Harry´s dad isn’t around anymore. I obediently follow this handsome but also taken boy to his room. What am I doing here?

“Look Ruby, this square root must be on the other side so you can work with the whole equation. See?” Harry has been trying to teach me basic rules, which I´ve already know. I just grinned and did what he told me. He smiled and leaned against his chair. “You know everything, I don’t see why you need any help with this.” He pointed his finger at three papers full of numbers. Finally! I smiled at him and exhale. “After 2 hours Harry. After two hours of persuading you finally believe me.” His left hand went through his curly hair and I am doing my best not to melt. I bit my nails after I looked at him. I am trapped here. I don’t want tutoring but on the other hand I want stay here as long as I can. “Don´t... Ruby...” He suddenly broke the silence. I am confused. “What?” I asked with my eyes widened. “Biting your nails...” I laughed but he is totally serious. “What´s wrong with that?” I asked, a smile playing on my lips. His green eyes blinked as he showed me his hands. His nails are barely to be seen. “You don’t want to end up like me...” He spoke up and finally smiled. I naturally took his hand to see it from closer distance but then it hit me. I can´t touch whenever I want to! My smile suddenly disappeared when I realised what I have done. I quickly put my hands back to my pocket. He frowned. “What´s wrong?” I am quiet, my eyes observing the pen on his table. “I should go, there´s nothing you can teach me Sir.”I smiled at him trying to change the subject. I don’t want to go though!

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