Girl named Ruby is being overwhelmed with final exams. The only thing which could possibly ruin her life even more is to fall in love with already taken curly boy. Poor girl.


5. Just... ok?

“But I told your mum we will be done till 7 pm. And it´s...” Harry briefly looked at his watch and than back at me. “´s just 6.” Oh.Oh. He didn’t say that. He wants me here till 7?? I just smiled awkwardly and looked at my phone. Really, we have one hour left. “I don’t want to study anymore, I am tired.” I spoke up, closed my eyes and leaned my head back. “Ok, so let´s talk.” Harry added with higher tone and right after his right hand went through his messy hair, he coughed. I stayed silent, taken aback with his suggestion. “So, where do you want to go after college?” He started and smiled at me. He actually looks like he really cares. It´s weird. When I get this kinds of questions I almost always respond in cheap way, cause the one who asked me that actually really doesn’t want to know the answer, he is just trying to be polite. But with Harry it´s different. I suddenly felt the need to tell him everything. Why I want to leave this town, how badly I want to leave my life here behind, how bad it feels to be completely alone in this. “You´re being quiet for a long time, Ruby.” Harry broke the silence and kindly smiled. “I want to leave.” I replied and smiled back. But Harry got serious. “Why leave?” “It´s hard to tell, but basically, I don’t want to stay here.” “Why is it hard to tell?” He stayed serious, with furrowed eyebrows. Oh God. I am not used to reply questions like this. My eyes were meeting his, I felt kind of embarrassed so I immediately look down. “Tell me...” He asked again. I breathed out and looked at him. “My best friend and I decided to leave together, somewhere around west England. It was our dream since 4th grade. But, she passed away 7 months ago...” The huge ball in my throat prevented me from speaking. Harry´s eyes widen, I could see he didn’t exhaled for a while. He was holding his breath, till he spoke up. “I am sorry, really sorry, Ruby. May I ask what happened?” He was all tightened, rubbing his palms against his jeans. “Car accident. While she was driving home from school, someone just crashed into her. I am sorry...”I quickly wiped the coming tear off and shook my head.” “Hey, don’t apologise. Ruby, really that´s so fucked up. Have they caught that bastard?” I am not sure how to react. My whole body is craving give him hug. I need it. “Yes, the police arrested him right away...” My voice broke so I stayed silent. “What´s her name?” Harry spoke up. “Ava” I replied and went through my hair, trying to cover up my inner breakdown. I haven’t talked about this for a long time. So it kind of took me by surprise. “I reckon I´ve heard about that accident...” Now it looks like he´s thinking out loud. “Ok, quick change of subject” Harry suddenly spoke up loudly and clapped. “So, what are your friends like?” He asked me, grinning. I shook my head and immediately added “No, no, it´s my turn now.” Harry laughed and I continued. “How are your friends like?” He laughed even more. “It was my question, you were supposed to come up with another one, but I will answer it anyway. My friends are, well there are various personalities. It´s quiet of strange, cause many of them aren’t, well how to put this, they aren’t my types of ideal friends.” “I am confused now.” I added and he giggled. Oh. How awesome it sounded. “Charlotte´s friends are so dumb! God, I can´t stand them. And she always drags them out with us, and I just can´t say anything. “ Here we go. Well, this time would come eventually. The time when he would mention his girlfriend.  It´s not like I haven´t expected but, this soon? Oh. I don’t know what to say now. “How come?” The only reasonable question, to be honest. “I don’t want things to get even more complicated. I am sorry I shouldn’t have brought that up. It´s silly.” Why isit so hard to admit she has someone? That he loves someone, while my twisted part of me is trying to take him away from her. He smiled politely and looked at his watch. No. Our time´s up. “Is it seven already?” I asked and look at my phone. 19:33. Crap. “I was supposed to be at home before 7!” I grabbed all my books and put them in my old bag. I was standing by his door when he spoke up. “Let me give you ride.” He was smiling, his whole present is making me feel comfortable. “No, that´s ok. I´ll walk. My mum hadn´t come back from work yet and my dad probably doesn´t even realise I am not there.” “No way, I am not going to let you walk home, alone, in this dark.” He replied and took his car keys from his night stand. I can´t argue with him. It´s more time for me to spend in his company, so. I smiled politely and went straight to front door.

*One week later*

So, it´s done. I have successfully passed through my A-levels. I am so thrilled I don’t know what to do now. Call my mum? She told me to call her right after that. My friend Chloe is so relieved. She was scared she didn’t make it through. Even though she is the smartest kid in our class. She is hugging me so tight right now, I can´t breath. “I am so glad it´s over!!” She is shouting to my ear, her tears wetting my shirt. “I know. It´s over.” I added and closed my eyes with relief.

“I made it.” I quietly whispered to my phone. I am sitting on the floor in ladies room. Everyone went to celebrate this big grown up step. I told them I join them after I call my mum and dad. But It´s not mum or dad, who I am talking to right now. “I knew it, Ruby. You have worked so hard to reach your goal and you did. Congrats!” “Thank you, really. I have no idea how but I did it.” “Cause you´re great obviously.” He giggled but I stayed silent. He can´t say things like this! “Ok, well, I have to go...” Harry cut me off. “Wait” “What?” I asked him, waiting for him to reply. “You have to get drunk tonight.” As he finished I giggled. “I have to get wasted tonight.” I replied and then I heard his husky laugh echoing through my phone. “Ok, have fun tonight!” “You too, and thank you again.” I quickly hung up so I couldn’t hear what he had replied. I have thanked him, because when I was in that room, with all the professors who were gazing at me while I was standing in front of them, the only one who I was thinking about was him. Just the thought of him took me higher. But I wasn’t about to tell him that, of course. You can´t ruin this, Ruby. Friendship is all you get. Just cope with it. 

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