Girl named Ruby is being overwhelmed with final exams. The only thing which could possibly ruin her life even more is to fall in love with already taken curly boy. Poor girl.


11. Home.

Days go like years when you want to forget. In my case I wanted to forget about someone, whose eyes hunted me in my sleep for straight 79 days. So, for me its also 79 years. After I moved to my Aunt´s house in Nottingham, she immediately hired me in her Coffee Shop. I can´t complain about my duties as an employee. To be honest, I like this job as much as I love coffee so maybe that´s why. Mum calls every day right after my shifts and tells me how much she and dad and Aiden and Arthur miss me. Every day, the same talk. I miss them as hell too. I pictured this million times. How mature I will feel, when I have a job and place to live without parents and brothers. But I think that´s not the question of maturity. I will be their little Ruby forever and I don’t blame them. This was the most stupid decision in my life. Leaving him.

“Your Caramel Latte...” I say and hand a paper cup to ginger girl by the counter. She nods and smiles back. Finally. This girl was the last in the row. It´s something before lunch, time when people don´t do coffee to go. I sigh with relief and straighten my green apron. “God. Finally no one.” Girly voice echoed from the back. Diane, my co worker comes to me and sit on the counter. “I don’t get why we have to keep it open here, when no one comes.” She complains and her feet wave in air. She is strawberry blond with ends dyed in red. I like her. She is the only one who keeps me survive this hell on earth. My aunt doesn’t come here often, so we always complain to each other at this time after morning rush. “Yeah, I should talk to Judy.” I say and Diane laughs at me. “I always forget this is your family business.” She adds and shakes her head. “Shut up, Diane.” I tell her and we both laugh. “Ok, Boss.” She grins.  “We should go out tonight. I heard that Nick is...” Diane starts and I immediately cut her off. “I don’t want to go out” I tell her and she frowns. “ You can´t torture yourself any longer. I mean it, Rubs.” Diane is already on her feet, standing by me. She is worried about me but what can I do. I am still silent, don’t know what to say. It´s always like this. She tries to drag me out, I refuse. She tries again, I refuse again. “Then call him.” She speaks up and my eyes widen. “Never in a million years. He probably hates me.” I say and picture Harry´s face when I left him. “I don’t think so. You weren´t together so he should respect your decision. I think he misses you.” Diane says calmly and my heart jumps a bit. “You haven´t even met him!” I laugh. “I haven’t but still I think like I know him” Diane says proudly and I shake my head. Suddenly my phone starts to ring. We are not allowed to use our phones but as Diane made her point- family business. I see the number. It´s my mum. What does she wants in this time? “Ruby, honey. I hope I don’t interrupt.” My mum´s voice sounds weird. “Hi mum. No, don’t worry. Why are you calling? Is something wrong?” I immediately ask her but she hasn’t replied for a moment. “Ruby, I hesitate to tell you this but Harry, Annie´s boy had an car accident.” When she finished her sentence I got dizzy. No. No. No car accident this time. No more death please. “He is in hospital. He had bad head injuries so they have to keep him there. I just though you should know...” Oh my God. Harry. I can´t think straight. Diane is looking at me with her mouth open, obviously waiting for me to tell her, why I look like a ghost. “I am going to take a first train.  I´ll call you from the station.” I quickly tell her and hang up. “What´s wrong?” Diane asks me and squeezes my arm. “Harry had a car accident. I have to see him. Tell Judy I went home and don’t know when I come back.” I cry. “Fuck. Ok. Go, she won´t fire you anyway.” I appreciate the joke but right now, I have no idea if I ever smile again.

As I entered the white hall, I noticed Annie and Harry´s dad sitting on the ground. Annie is crying and the hand of Harry´s dad is trying to comfort her. I don’t know if I am the right person to be here since this is his closest family. Then I spot my mum, holding the cup of tee in her shivering hands. “Mum!” I quickly run into her arms and tightened the grip. “Ruby, God I am glad you´re here.” She whispers to my hair as I politely nod at Harry´s father. Annie hasn’t seen me but I am glad. I don’t want to break right in front of her. Right here with my mum and dad around. I am actually proud of myself, holding all my tears. “How is he?” I ask my mum quietly hoping for a nod or something. Instead of a friendly nod she frowns and the wrinkle between the brows comes more visible. “I have no idea, Ruby. Not even doctors know how much time this can take.” I don’t understand. My mum obviously noticed my confused look. “He still hasn’t woken up.” She tells me and I gasp for air. Suddenly dark haired girl with a tiny figure rushes into us, crying the whole time. “God, Annie. Tell me this isn’t happening.” She runs to her. Annie shakes her head and let her hug her. I don’t know who she is but she looks devastated as everyone in this room. I am just looking at her long raven hair when doctor comes from the big white door. Everyone straighten up and listen to the doctor speech. “Since Harry is in the state of unconsciousness for more then 6 hours, we have to keep him constantly monitored. His close family is allowed to come inside.” He smiles politely but his words haven’t assured us. Not even slightly. Suddenly that raven girl speaks up. “I am his girlfriend. Can I also see him?” She asked desperately and my heart stopped beating. 

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