Girl named Ruby is being overwhelmed with final exams. The only thing which could possibly ruin her life even more is to fall in love with already taken curly boy. Poor girl.


3. Friendly reminder: he has someone and it´s not you.

When he closed the bakery door he smiled from one ear to another. “I´ll see you where are we going?” He exhaled and put his enormously large hands to pockets. Oh god. He will know where I live! I just smiled politely not sure how to respond. “It´s behind that church!” Arthur spoke up and pointed his little index finger there. I just nodded when Harry looked at me, like he was making sure Arthur gave him the right direction.  Little Ruby inside of me was jumping in the air, singing and dancing Macarena. The other part was praying for a shorter way home. I have no idea if I say a word to him. But he didn’t let me be silent.

“So basically you´re saying that I Bet You Look Good on The Dance Floor is better than When the Sun Goes Down? His green widened eyes were glued to mine, waiting for an answer. They were practically laughing at the whole silly argument. “Well, yes... but it´s hard to choose one!” I laughed and shook my head. Arthur and Anita were walking ahead of us. Harry grinned and went silent. Like the respond shouldn’t be even spoken. “We are here...” I smiled and raised my head to show him our journey was over. We were standing right in front of the front door when they suddenly opened. It was my mum. “Arthur, Anita come inside or pancakes go cold!” She waved at them and they immediately run inside. Anita didn’t even say Harry goodbye. I was just standing there, my eyes observing his boots. Wow. His feet are as large as his hands. “Ruby, you too!...Oh...” She stopped when she noticed Harry. “Mum this is Anita´s brother...” I awkwardly buried my hand to my messy hair. Harry smiled politely! “Good evening Mrs. I am Harry!” He acted so polite. My mum went red. She must have noticed how good looking he was. “Nice to meet you Harry, don’t you want to join us too? I made enough for everyone!” She smiled at him and waited for him answer. God mum you didn’t. “I am sorry, but I can´t stay. Maybe some other time!” He grinned at her and bit his bottom lip. My mum just sighted. “Ok, tell Annie... eer.. your mother that we will take Anita home at 7. Ok Harry?” She knows his mother obviously. I was actually hoping he would have said yes. But then I remembered the morning scene with that blond girl. It´s better not to spend more time with him. I smiled at Harry. “See you someday then...” I waved at him and quickly run inside. “Stop by in bakery Ruby!” He suddenly spoke up when I was ready to shut the door. “Ok...” I smiled politely while the red slowly filled my whole face. Why. Why. Why have all best boys already girlfriends? After this whole fucking situation I run straight upstairs to my room. “Ruby... go eat!” Mum wiped her hands to her apron. I turned at her annoyed.  “Not hungry...” I briefly replied and continued in my way. “That Annie´s boy is damn cute...” She murmured. I turn my head back at her. No she hasn’t  just said that. “Mum...” I didn’t finish since my massive laughter. Mum just shook her head. “What, don’t tell me he is not...” “Mum, no, he is not...” “What´s wrong with you girl? If your dad looked just like him back than I am not sure I would...” I cut her off. She got a little carried away with this mother-daughter talk. “... bye mum.” I headed right to my room when Aiden walked out of his room, which is right next to mine. “Hey sis...” He looked weird. Or he was just stoned. “Hi, did you just smoke weed?” I was suspicious. He coughed..Oh yes. Of course he did. “No.” I raised my eyebrows.”Aiden, don’t... I want some.” He laughed at my response. He walked back to his room and left the door opened. I took it as an invitation so I slowly walked in. He was leaning against the window now. I went closer and observed him. He handed me one and I breathed in. Ohh. My eyes went closed, enjoying the cool air playing with my hair strands. “Rough day, huh?” Aiden spoke up. He was already lying on his bed. “A little.” Oh Aiden, you have no idea how much a little means to me right now.

The night is cold tonight. I could feel it through my opened window. My bed is situated right under it so I feel every breeze.  This is the time, when you are half asleep, when the thoughts  from whole day start to come out. He likes Arctic Monkeys. He laughed when I said something I didn’t even find funny. He looks incredibly hot. He has a girlfriend. Oh Thanks Ruby for bringing that up again. Just fall asleep finally and stop picturing him with that blond one, right? Trust me, I want only good for you. I exhaled heavily and shut both arguing sides of me up. I am too tired to deal with one hottie. I can´t handle 2 teenage girls with totally different views. One part of me wants to appear in that bakery and burry hand in his curly hair. The other one wants to forget. Honestly? I am for that second option right now. 

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