Girl named Ruby is being overwhelmed with final exams. The only thing which could possibly ruin her life even more is to fall in love with already taken curly boy. Poor girl.


2. Brother in lawn.

When the blondie left I noticed his eyes fell on us. “Ruby, I mean it, we are already late and you know how...” Suddenly husky voice cut Chloe off. “Hi Scone girl! So what can I get you?” He smiled at us and I tried to catch my breath. He was so adorable. I also forgot how he called me. “I am sorry... I-I-I just... these 2 lollipops...” when I finished I pointed my forefinger at pink lollipops right next to cash desk . He smiled and shook his head. “It´s one twenty.” I quickly went through my pockets to found some coins. I put them on the counter, awkwardly smiled and took Chloe´s hand. When we left Chloe shouted. “REALLY? Like really Ruby? We are late just because...” I cut her off. “I know, I am sorry...” I didn’t know what to say actually I wasn’t in a mood for explaining her that is really wasn’t about lollipops. “Let´s go now...” Chloe spoke up and grabbed my hand. I briefly looked through the shop window and found his hazel eyes looking at me. Shit.

I was walking home alone because Chloe needed to go to the car service. Her dad picked her up right after the class. My dad has never picked me up from school. I am one of these kids who are forced to go everywhere by feet. My phone suddenly rang. Dad. “Hey Dad...” “Ruby, honey are you already in kinder garden? Oh shit. I would totally forget. “No, I am just on my way there, what´s going on?” “Arthur wants to bring his friend to our house, could you please pick up them both? I know that...” “Dad, I am not walking nursery...” “Ruby, don’t start again...” “Ahhh, alright then...” “Ok, and straight home, I don’t want you to lose 2 little children.” I sighted and hung up. When I arrived to the building, I noticed Mrs. Shaw waving at me. “Ruby, sweetie!” She shouted at me like I was lost. I turned my eyes and went closer to her. I was surrounded by little people and that freaked me a little. “Hello, Mrs. Shaw I came for Arthur and...” She smiled at me and finished my sentence. “... and Anita.I know your dad called me earlier.” Mrs. Shaw was an old lady with wrinkled skin around her eyes. I looked around to find Arthur but I hadn’t seen him until small hands wrapped my tight. “Rubyyyy!” I turned around and look down. It was Arthur tightly hugging my left leg. “Hey big boy, so where is Anita...” I messed his brown hair. “Here!” Arthur replied and pulled a little curly girl by her flower dress. She was actually really beautiful. I can tell she will be a heart breaker in the future. “Ok you two, let´s go put your jackets on....” I added and poked Arthur forward. He and Anita went hand in hand to hallway. “Ruby you are so tall since I have seen you, you grew up into lovely young lady. I am sure boys are fighting for you!” When she finished her lame speech I smiled politely. I just hate these talks. Especially about boyfriend. “No, not really...” I replied, hoping she will not bring that up again. “Ok, Mrs. Shaw I need to go now... Have a nice day!” Mrs. Shaw smiled at me and added “You too sweetie! When I turned away I sighted with relieve. Finally.

“Anita is my girlfriend, Ruby. Did you know that?” Arthur spoke up while walking down the main street. They were holding their hands the whole time since we have left kinder garden. “I didn’t Arthur. Hurry up, sun is going to be down very soon and I promised dad to bring you safely home.” “I need wee wee.” Anita suddenly spoke up and looked at me. God. “Love, we are almost here, can you hold on for a 10 minutes?” I stopped walking and looked at these little lovers. “No!” Her widened eyes were meeting mine and I saw the desperate in her eyes. “Ok, let me see where...” I mumbled my eyes trying to find some place with a rest room. My sight stopped at very well known bakery. I had no choice. Well, Anita had no choice. I exhaled heavily and grabbed their tiny fists. When we walked in I was relieved because my favourite baker wasn’t anywhere.

“Harry!” Anita suddenly loosed my hand and went behind the counter. What is she doing? “Anita, love what are y...” Oh crap. My favourite baker was there after all. Why is she hugging him? He grabbed her tiny body and lifted her in the air. “Ruby picked us up. Mummy called Arthur´s and I can be there the whole evening!” “Cool!” He replied and looked at me. “So Ruby picked you up...” My cheek went suddenly red. That tone of his voice was... well. Ok. Nothing. “Anita wanted to pee so we just came here...” I spoke up. Well I actually didn’t recognise my voice. It was totally week. He raised his eyebrows and laid her back to the ground. She straightened her dress and run through the door with a staff sign. Arthur suddenly grabbed my jeans. “I am hungry Ruby!” When I was prepared to respond, Harry, well finally I know his name, cut me off. “What do you want buddy?” He took a few steps to Arthur and leaned down to him. I noticed he wasn’t wearing a uniform. He was wearing black jeans and white his tattoos revealing shirt. Oh my. “This!” Arthur pointed his finger at blue cupcake. Harry giggled and handed him one. “You didn’t have to...” I spoke up looking at Harry. His eyes widen and he smirked at me. “He loves cupcake unlike his sister.” Ok. So he remembers me. I awkwardly reached for my purse ready to pay for Arthur´s cupcake when Harry broke the silence. “No way, that´s a gift for my future brother in law.” I giggled and look down at my shoes. I was blushing as a small child and not like an adult older sister. Arthur looked at me with his mouth covered with a cream. “What´s brother in lawn, Ruby?” Arthur spoke up and I bursted in laugh. Brother in lawn... “Harry´s going to mow our lawn every Sunday buddy!” I explained and chuckled. Then I realized I have said his name for the first time out loud. It sounded better. “Massive!” Arthur´s eyes got widen. “Harry! Harry!” Anita suddenly appeared next to him. “Did you wash your hands?” Harry asked her in a caring voice. I would like to have an older brother like him when I was 4. Actually I had one but Aiden wasn’t like Harry at all. Anita nodded. “Alright, I´ll closed it here...” Then he reached for his navy blue jacket and put it on. “Ok, we can go now...” He added while slipping in his jacket. We can go now?

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