World's Apart (1D Fan Fiction)

She is the daughter of the most powerful drug dealer in Mexico.
They are One Direction.
Who would have thought that they'd ever meet? But they do. Sent on a mission to London, Frankie runs into the boys, but however much she tries to get rid of them, they don't want to let go that easily. The boys could blow her cover and the world could find out what her father is doing. With a life full of lies, murderers and drugs, Frankie hasn't got time for love, but it's the love for the boys that makes her choose - her family or One Direction?


5. Chapter 4

We pull up in front of a huge apartment building – a very expensive looking one at that. But surrounding the entrance were hundreds of screaming girls and as soon as they see our car pull up, they go wild. . I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. Turns out One Direction are pretty famous. They’ve just come back from their US tour. Paparazzi crowd the car but luckily the windows are tinted, so they can’t see in. A couple of security personnel surround the car, pushing back the paps. Nobody seems to think anything of our welcome, and as Eleanor and Zayn get out of the front seats, everyone else looks at me expectantly because I’m the closest to the door.

  I look out at the crowd, then back that them. “You’re not serious?”

  “Yep, come on.” Louis motions for me to get out, but I don’t move.

  “They’ll see me, take pictures and ask questions. The police are after me - they’ll find me in minutes when they see my face!” I lean against the door in exasperation – are they completely stupid?

  “You can hardly see your face when you have that scarf, and if you wear these,” Niall passes me some sunglasses, “then they won't be able to see your face.

  “The police will hardly think that a fugitive will be stupid enough to get photographed with One Direction,” adds Louis. I glare at him, but he has a point. Before I can argue my case, the door is tugged open from the outside and I tumble out, falling into Zayn, who catches me before I hit the pavement. I stand up quickly, mumbling thanks to him, embarrassed at having nearly fallen over in front of the cameras. I bet they got a good shot of that. Liam hops out after me and takes me by the elbow, leading me as quickly as he can through the mass of people. I keep my head down and push people out of my way where I have to.

  The press of people around me are deafeningly loud, and I can only make out some of what they’re saying.

  “I love you Liam!”

  “Can I have your autograph?”

  “Who’s the girl?”

  “Marry me!!”

  I roll my eyes at the last one, smirking to myself. Liam pauses when a group of girls blocks our path asking for pictures. I tug on Liam’s arm, desperate to get into the shelter of the apartment building. Liam looks torn, but a familiar voice shouts to me and Liam over the noise of the girls. “Liam, keep them busy and I’ll get Frankie inside!”

  I want to tell him that I can get into the building myself but with all the people, I’ve forgotten which direction the entrance is. They seem much more used to this than me anyway. Training didn’t exactly prepare me for situations like this. I don’t think it ever occurred to anyone that I might one day be mobbed my scream girls and paparazzi. Still, we’re meant to be ready for anything.

  Craning my neck around, I see Zayn standing behind me with a huge bodyguard. He immediately steps in front of us, parting the crowd like Moses and the sea. I hurry after him without hesitation and finally I fall into the safety of the lobby. I tug off Niall’s sunglasses and my scarf, suddenly feel a lot hotter in the warmth of the lobby. “Thanks.” I say, not sure whether it’s directed at the bodyguard or Zayn or both.

  “S’okay,” Zayn answers, throwing an arm around my shoulders and leading towards the lift, “Come on, lets go up to our apartment. We’ll meet the boys up there.”

  I look over my shoulder as he calls the lift, “What about my bag?” I need that bag, I shouldn’t have let it out of my sight, but I forgot about it with all the paparazzi.

  “Harry’s got it, I saw him grab it when he left.”

  I breathe a sigh of relief and we step into the elevator. I collapse against the mirrored wall and look up at Zayn, “How do get used to that?”

  He shrugs, “I don’t really, but it gets easier after the first few times.”

  “Never again.” I swear to him. “I’m never doing that again.” Murders, drugs, torture, hand-to-hand, machine guns – I’d take any of them over the paparazzi.

  He raises an eyebrow, “What about when you leave?”

  I groan and press my forehead against the cool glass. “I don’t want to think about it.” just the thought makes me feel sick. Zayn just chuckles and takes my hand as the doors open on the tenth floor, pulling me a short way down the corridor and stopping at a door. He takes a set of keys out of his pocket and inserts one into the door that clicks open and lets us inside. I raise my eyebrows in surprise and I feel my jaw slacken.

  The apartment is massive. We walk into the huge open plan room with gigantic windows covering the right hand wall. A cluster of sofas are set in front of them, and beside that is a dinning table, which I have a feeling isn’t used much. More sofas are positioned around a huge TV screen hanging on the wall. Off to the left is their kitchen; gleaming white and red with an island in the middle and a breakfast bar. Only one other door leads off this room which I assume leads to the bedrooms.

  It’s nice. I’ve lived in better, but it’s definitely up in the top five places I’ve stayed – No. I stop myself. I’m not staying. I can’t stay.

  Zayn laughs while I look around. “Wow, it looks tidy when no one’s been living here.”

  “What’s in normally like?”

  “A tip,” I raise my eyebrows. “Seriously, in a few days time, the apartment will be unrecognisable.” He laughs again and wonders off to the kitchen. I take off my thick coat, but I hover uncertainly, not sure what I should do with it. Zayn looks up from one of the cupboards he’s rummaging in and says, “Just dump it anywhere.”

  “Okay...” I say uncertainly, but I drop the coat to the floor next to the door and walk over to him and he appears with a large packet of Doritos. I reach over and take a handful of the crisps; until now I hadn’t realised how hungry I was.

  “Hungry?” Asks Zayn, amused.

  I swallow. “Yeah, I feel asleep on the flight, so I didn’t eat anything and then... well, I was being chased through an airport, so I didn’t really have time for food.”

  Zayn grins and shakes his head. “You talk about it like it’s normal.”

  I just shrug, but I’m spared answering when the door bursts open and the other four boys spill in. Harry shoves Louis and he stumbles to the side and before he can regain his balance he trips over my coat, still lying on the floor. I wince as he tumbles to the floor. Niall holds out a hand to help him up because Harry’s too busy laugh at him to help. Louis jumps to his feet and looks for what tripped him up. When he sees the coat his eyes fly to mine and he grins evilly. “Oh you’ve done it this time.”

  He starts to stalk forward slowly. I slide off my chair and back away, laughing, “I’m sorry, didn’t mean it.”

  “I’d start running,” advises Zayn.

  I take it and run for the door that I’d seen before. I can hear Louis’ battle cry behind me as he comes running after me. In the corridor I run though the first door I see and slam it shut behind me, leaning against it. I hear Louis hammer on the door, “I’m coming to get you Frankie.” He says in what he clearly hope is an evil voice, but it just makes me giggle. I hear him walk away from the door but I don’t move away from the door, sure he’s going to come back. I look around the room quickly. There’s a big double bed, a wardrobe, desk and a sofa opposite me. I look out of the window beyond it and see the iconic London skyline with the London Eye revolving slowly between the skyscrapers. My eyes scan the walls and just as the rest on another door, it bursts open, making my jump in shock.

  Louis stands, grinning in the doorway. “You think I didn’t know another way in?”

  Damn. I bite my lip. What happened to my training? Before he can react I dive under the bed, but he grabs my leg and pulls me out, straddling me. He grins, “Now you pay.”

  Louis starts tickling me and I start laughing uncontrollably. “No – Louis... stop... please!” But he doesn’t stop and I keep laughing, trying to slap him away, but every time he just tickles me some more and I forget about resisting. “Help!” I scream in between giggles, “Someone help!”

  The door to the corridor jumps open and Niall runs in, yells, “Someone called?”

  “Niall!” I shout and he grabs me from Louis’ grasp and picking me up bridal style. I put my arms around his neck, looking over his shoulder at Louis and sticking my tongue out at him. I giggle even after Louis has stopped. “Saved by the Leprechaun!” I say and Niall laughs. He takes me back into the open plan living room and throws me down onto the sofa where my feet end up on Harry’s lap. I know instantly that was a mistake. Harry starts tickling the bottom of my feet and I burst into hysterics. “NO! Not the feet... anything but.... the feet!” It’s my weak spot, and now Harry knows it. He keeps tickling and I yell for him to stop.

  “Not until you admit you like the curls.”

  “Never!” I try to kick out of his grip, but I don’t kick him as hard as I can for fear of breaking something.

  “Say it!”

  “Fine... I like your curls.” I finally give in.

  “Ha!” Harry stops tickling me and I pull my feet back from his lap and hug my legs to my chest. I pretend to glare at him over my knees. “I win.” He grins at me.

  “I still think you look like a mop.” I tell him, jump up from the sofa to avoid his lunge. I run over to the other sofa where Niall laughs at everything going on. I hide behind him and whimper. “He’s being mean Niall.”

  He laughs and pulls me to his side, wrapping his arm around my shoulders protectively. I lean my head on his shoulder, closing my eyes and suddenly realising how tired I am. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’m supposed to be here on business, not messing around with One Direction. But at the same time, I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in years. They make me feel so... carefree. And that’s something I’m not used to.

  No. I’ll leave tomorrow. I can’t get distracted.

  “I won't let them get you.” Niall laughs softly in my ear, just before I fall asleep in his arms.

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