World's Apart (1D Fan Fiction)

She is the daughter of the most powerful drug dealer in Mexico.
They are One Direction.
Who would have thought that they'd ever meet? But they do. Sent on a mission to London, Frankie runs into the boys, but however much she tries to get rid of them, they don't want to let go that easily. The boys could blow her cover and the world could find out what her father is doing. With a life full of lies, murderers and drugs, Frankie hasn't got time for love, but it's the love for the boys that makes her choose - her family or One Direction?


4. Chapter 3

  I tie my hair in a bun and pull out a woolly hat from my backpack – I’m not going to take any chances with the weather – and take off my glasses. Everything is slightly burry, which is going to make it harder to defend myself, but hopefully it won't come to that. I wrap a matching scarf around my head and make sure it covers the bottom half of my face.

  I look at myself in the mirror, adjusting the hat so that none of my blond hair can be seen; it’s not great, but it’s going to have to do. I throw my rucksack over my shoulder and turn to leave, but Louis yells from the doorway, “What about Frankie?” I turn and see all the boys stop in the door. “Where are you going?”

  I resist the urge to roll my eyes, and explain the obvious. “Well, there’s no way I’m going back. Not just because of my father, but because I can’t use my passport anymore. I had a hotel booked, but it’s under my false name, but I have the cash to check into a new hotel.” I shrug, “I’ll find one nearby.”

  “You can come with us!” Louis jumps up and down, completely ignoring what I said. He claps his hands, obviously pleased with his idea.


  “Why not?” Zayn asks.

  Harry smirks at me, “I’m sure there’s room in my bed.”

  I ignore his comment. “I just can’t.”

  “She doesn’t have a reason.” Louis says, smiling victoriously.

  He skips over to me, but I take a step back and hold out a hand before he reaches me. “Don’t come any closer.”

  He pouts, “Why not?”

  “Because I don’t want to end up on your shoulder again.” I hear someone chuckle, but I don’t take my eyes off Louis. Don’t take your eyes off the enemy - I laugh as the fighter inside me puts forward advice. Louis is hardly a threat. Still, “Last time I ended up falling on my head.”

  “Aw, I thought it was fun.”

  “I didn’t.”

  “As entertaining as this conversation is, we can’t keep your girlfriend waiting Lou.” Liam interrupts us. He wasn’t kidding; they actually would never get anywhere if it wasn’t for him.

  I smirk in victory at Louis.

  “Fine, but you’re coming with us.”

  I shake my head. “I don’t want to draw attention to myself.”

  He puts his hands on his hips. “What are you saying?”

  I roll my eyes, “As you keep pointing out you’re a famous boy band, so I can’t just trail around with you.”

  “She has a point guys.” I smile gratefully at Liam. “We have to go.” He starts pushing Zayn and Niall out of the door and then he comes over to Louis and starts dragging him out of the room too.

  “Bye.” I call after them, suppressing giggles at Louis’ expression.

  I hear a chorus of ‘Bye Frankie’s from outside. Liam gives me a wave before he closes the door. I can’t resist, so I go to the door, listening to their conversation. I’ve been doing a lot of this today.

  “Why did we have to leave her?” I hear Zayn ask.

  “She’s hot.” I roll my eyes. No prizes for guessing who that is. I hear the sound of someone being hit and an ‘ow’. Good, I snigger.

  I hear Niall’s Irish accent. “She’s got no where to go, and what if her Dad comes looking for her? We can’t leave her to fend for herself.” I’m not that helpless.

  Someone sighs, probably Liam. “It’s not going to help her if she gets mobbed by paps; security will find her.” Mobbed by paps? They really are full of themselves. How many people do they think will come looking for them? “And she seems like she can fend for herself.”

  “If looks could kill...” I hear Harry mutter. Louis laughs loudly.

  “The best thing we can do for her is leave her alone.” The lone voice of reason. I smile as they move away from the door. Finally.

  I wait a few minutes before I open the door a fraction. I can see people walking past, but no sign of any Security. I open the door a little wider and step out confidently. If I look too scared I’ll look suspicious. I walk through the corridors, ducking into bathrooms every so often so as to avoid Security. But I make it to the main exit eventually without being stopped. I notice the exit is crowded but I don’t think anything of it – this is Heathrow after all – until I get closer. They’re all pushing and shoving to get out, all of them carrying cameras or microphones. I narrow my eyes in confusion, but then it clicks; Paparazzi.

  Wow, they really weren’t exaggerating when they said ‘mobbed by the paps’. I’m glad I’m not in the middle of that.

  I manage to slip out around the side of the crowd, shaking my head at the commotion. Seriously, they’re just five – almost – normal boys. Why all the fuss?

  I make it out into the May sunshine... and shiver. I hug my coat closer to me. Who knew the sun could be so cold? I can see people in just shorts and t-shirt and shudder at the thought. This must be warm for England. I want the real sun back.

  I reach back into my bag to pull out my glasses so I don’t notice a van with tinted windows pull up next to me. I notice it a second too late, as I’m straightening up and pushing on my glasses, I curse myself for not being focused. The door bursts open and a figure hops out, grabs me by the arm and pulls my into the van with such force that my hat falls off, leaving it lying on the pavement. I only just manage to cling on to my bag.

  The door slams shut behind me and I immediately think the worst. I sit up and prepare to punch someone, but instead my mouth falls open in surprise. Louis grins widely at me, “You didn’t think I’d let you get away that easily did you?”

  I slump against the door as I look around the van and see the rest of the boys smiling at me. Why can’t they just leave me alone? I don’t need this. I need to get a hotel somewhere, deliver the drugs and then leave. I bang my head against the window. “Why me?”

  “Most girls would kill to be you right now.” Zayn informs me from the front passenger seat. I glare at him.

  Harry smirks, “Nice to see you too.”

  I groan and look out at the retreating pavement I was standing on, not two seconds ago. “I liked that hat.”

  Niall laughs, “It’s May - you don’t need to dress like it’s the middle of winter.”

  “I’m from Mexico,” I remind him, “to me, this feels like the middle of winter.”

  “You’re from Mexico?” I look around for the source of the new voice. I see a pretty girl in the driver’s seat with dark hair tumbling over her shoulders.

  I smile at her in the review mirror. “Yeah, you’re Eleanor, right?”

  “Yeah,” She smiles at me, but then looks around at us all, “Anyone want to explain why I had to pull over so you could pull a Mexican girl into the back of the van?”

  Louis throws an arm around my shoulder, “This is Frankie. We hid her while she was running away from the big security guys. She’s on the run from her drug addict father in Mexico.” I’m really regretting the drug addict cover story.

  “Okay...” I laugh at Eleanor’s expression. It sounds far-fetched, but the real story is even more unbelievable.

  “It’s true,” I assure her. I look around at the guys and ask hopefully, “Please tell me you’re just going to drop me off at the nearest hotel?”

  “Not a chance love.”

  I give Harry my death glare.

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