World's Apart (1D Fan Fiction)

She is the daughter of the most powerful drug dealer in Mexico.
They are One Direction.
Who would have thought that they'd ever meet? But they do. Sent on a mission to London, Frankie runs into the boys, but however much she tries to get rid of them, they don't want to let go that easily. The boys could blow her cover and the world could find out what her father is doing. With a life full of lies, murderers and drugs, Frankie hasn't got time for love, but it's the love for the boys that makes her choose - her family or One Direction?


3. Chapter 2

Most of them are smirking at me, but the one with the buzz cut crosses his arms and frowns. “What was that about?”

  “Erm...” I don’t reply straight away, instead I pull my hair into a high bobble and push my designer glasses further up my nose. Apparently they are all the rage in England. “Well...”

  What do I tell them? My cover story is that I’m in London looking for good universities and getting to know the city for when I move here in the autumn. But the only reason I’m moving is so Tyrone has better connections in London, since he thinks we can get some big business here. I sigh; I can’t tell them either story since they’ll want to know why I have Security after me. Damn my life is complicated.

  I tell them the first thing that comes into my head. “I’ve come to get away from my father.”

  “Why? What did he do?” They look concerned. Hmm, maybe I can pull the guilt card.

  “He’s a drug addict and he abused me.” I force myself to look teary and not to cringe at my explanation. The irony of it almost kills me. My father isn’t the drug addict, but he is the drug dealer. Why did I have to bring drugs into it? They all looked shocked and blond-y looks about to say something sympathetic, but I carry on. “I just turned eighteen, so I can get away from him. England is the first place I though of that he wouldn’t come looking.”

  “Why’d they stop you?”

  “I have a fake passport,” True, “because I couldn’t get a real passport without my father finding out.” Not true. Tyrone was the one who got me the passport in the first place. I curse him. I’ll be having an angry phone call with him later about his fake passports.

  They look a little lost for words. I realise that rather than looking sad or scared, I look angry. Great. I try to calm my expression.

  “Are you okay?” Buzz-cut asks. It’s starting to annoy me that I don’t know any of their names apart from Harry’s.

  “I’m having the time of my life.” I could have sunk a ship with the amount of sarcasm in my voice. Harry chuckles and I shoot him a glare, which makes one of the others laugh.

  “What’s your name?” The dark haired one asks

  I grin and chuck him the passport I’ve managed to keep hold of. He looks down and back up at me. “Hey Lola.”

  I raise an eyebrow, seriously?

  Buzz-cut takes it off him, laughing. “It’s a fake passport genius.”

  “I knew that Liam.” He grumbles.

  Buzz-cut - now Liam - looks at me, “How come you’ve still got it?”

  I shrug as if it’s obvious. “If they keep it they’ve got more of a chance of tracking me down. Now they haven’t got anything but blurry CCTV footage of me.”

  Liam raises his eyebrows and Harry smirks. “Wow, you’ve got the mind of a criminal.” If only he knew. He wouldn’t be laughing then. “So what’s your really name?”

  I cross my arms over my chest. “Why should I tell you?”

  “You know my name.” Points out Harry.


  “Well I should know yours.” I groan. He is already irritating the hell out of me.

  I reassess my options. Security probably won't be back here for a while since Heathrow so big, so here is probably the best place to stay right now. Which also means I have to be here with these boys. So I have to tell them something right?

  “Frankie.” Damn, why did I give them my real name? How stupid can I get? I’ll be gone soon, I try and comfort myself, I’ll be gone and they’ll forget all about me.

  Suddenly the brown-haired boy that had been quiet up until now, runs up to me and hugs me, “Nice to meet you Frankie, I’m Louis.” Just as I think it can’t get any weirder he pulls me over his shoulder in a fireman’s lift. What the hell?

  At first I’m too shocked to react, and then my lungs kick back into action. “Put me down Louis!” He just giggles.

  “What are you going to do if I don’t?”

  “I will kill you.” I say, dead serious.

  I look up and see all the others laughing at us. Even Liam can’t help smiling, even though he’s been the serious one ever since I appeared. “And I’ll kill you for laughing.” I warn them. They stop laughing, but suppress their smiles.

  “I don’t doubt it.” Smirks Harry. I’m sick of that smirk.

  I contemplate them from my perch on Louis’ back. I could easily get down, knocking out Louis in the process. I’ll knock Harry out too just for getting on my nerves. Maybe not Niall; he’s cute. I don’t know about the other two, it depends on whether they can keep quiet... Ergh, I can’t knock them out, however tempting the idea is. I have to act the like the scared, runaway girl from Mexico. Not the killer drug dealer’s daughter.

  I’m still thinking about killing them as Louis starts running around the room with me still over his shoulder. “Louis, stop!” I yell at him, punching his back but he takes no notice.

  Harry starts laughing again, rolling around on the sofa. “Not so smart now are you babe?”

  “Do NOT call me babe!”

  “Sorry babe.”

  “Ergh, who do you think you are?” I yell in frustration.

  They all look at each other, smiling, then, in unison, they shout, “One Direction!”


  Louis actually drops me right there. I land on my head, but he doesn’t take the slightest bit of notice. “You don’t know who we are?” He asks in horror.

  I sit up, rubbing my head and glare at him. “No I don’t, so stop acting so full of yourself.”

  “I do not act full of myself!” Louis pouts.

  I raise an eyebrow, “You expected me to know who you are, yes, that’s being full of yourself.” He looks at me like I’ve just killed his dog. I roll my eyes as he runs over to where Harry is sitting on the sofa and throws himself down, pretending to cry.

  “Frankie was mean to me Hazza.”

  Harry wraps a comforting arm around him, “Aw, don’t worry Lou, I’m sure she didn’t mean it.” He glares at me. I just shake my head in disbelief at them. What are they; two?

  Liam holds out a hand and I take it gratefully and pull myself up. “Thanks.”

  “Don’t help her Liam, she’s mean.” Cries Louis from his ball on the sofa. I see him pause and open one eye to look at me, seeing if I feel bad yet. I fold my arms and smirk. He closes his eye and starts to fake cry again.

  Blond-y starts eating again and watches us, amused. “I’m Niall.” He says through a mouth full of crisps. Charming. I smile at him anyway. It just regestars how good looking he is as he look sat me with those blue eyes, he's blond bad-hair falling over his eyes. I realise I've been staring at quickly avert my gaze.

 “I’m Liam.” – the most normal one.

  “Zayn Malik at your service,” Says the dark-haired boy with a wide smile. “Ring any bells?”

  Why do they seem so sure I know them? I mean, I’m from Mexico and I don’t watch TV, how am I supposed to know? I’m about to tell them that I don’t have a clue who they are, when, as I look around at them, it finally clicks.

  I narrow my eyes at them. “Aren’t you the ones off the X Factor?”

  “Yey!” Louis jumps off the sofa, celebrating. “She knows who we are!”

  I smirk. “You’re the guys who didn’t even win, right?”

  Liam, Niall and Zayn burst out laughing, but Harry and Louis look offended. “That’s not fair!”

  “It’s true though.” I smirk.

  I don’t watch X Factor or any of these other talent shows. I just think they’re stupid. Who wants to watch people crying when they’re told they aren’t any good? Apparently it makes good television. I only know about it because of Violet. She’s my best – and only – friend, and she happens to be obsessed with X Factor, so I have to listen to her going on about all her favourite acts. She was devastated when One Direction didn’t win. I try and remember what else she told me, global success, blah blah, hundreds of fans, blah blah, Harry Styles, blah – wait. I narrow my eyes at Harry. “You’re Harry Styles?”

  Harry grins, sitting up and looking happier already, “In the flesh.”

 “How come he’s the only one you know?” Zayn moans.

  I smirk; he’s going to wish I didn’t know him. “My friend has a crush on you,”

  Harry’s grin broadens and I hear Niall mumble, “He always gets the girls.”

  “But, do you want to know what I told her? I told her that you’re just a flirt, player and you look like a mop.”

  Harry’s mouth drops open, but the rest of the boys collapse, laughing so hard they can barely stand up. “You... you...” Harry looks lost for words. “You insulted the curls!”

  I nod, pleased with myself. I told Violet that I’d tell Harry what I thought of him if I ever saw him and she didn’t believe me. I’ll have to call her later. That’s going to be an... interesting phone call.

  Thing is, I’ve always hated boy bands. They have such an easy life; they’re rich, but they don’t even have to work for it. Sure, Tyrone is rich, but he’s had to work his way up. He was born in a shed and look where he is now – in charge of the biggest, most feared drug cartel in Mexico. Even now it’s not like he just sits around getting other people to do everything for him. I have to earn my keep too; as soon as I was old enough I started training to take over the family business. I’m not really his daughter though, but I’m the closest thing he’s got to an heir. I call him Tyrone, to his face I have to call him Papa, but ever since I found out that he’s not really my father, I haven’t been able to see him quite the same way and I wince every time I say father. I know he’s treated me as his own since I was a baby but it makes me wonder who my really mother and father might have been...

  I snap myself out of my thoughts, only to see the chaos in front of me.

  “You – you look... like a mop!” Zayn can barely get the word outs because he’s laughing too much.

  “I do not!” Harry lunges for Zayn and tried to mess up his perfectly styled quiff.

  “No!” He screams, “Not the hair!”

  Louis jumps on Harry’s back to stop him getting at Zayn and they both fall onto the sofa. Niall sits back and watches, laughing and throwing crisps into the mix. On of them lands in Zayn’s hair and Louis stops wrestling with Harry and laughs at Zayn, who quickly pulls out his phone to study his reflection.

  “Oh now you’ve done it Niall.”

  Zayn runs for Niall and he squeals. He snatches the crisps and starts running around the room, with Niall chasing him.

  I just stare at the scene in front of me. Why? Why did I have to end up with them? Out of everyone that could have been in here, it had to be the five biggest kids in existence? Liam chuckles beside me. Okay, make that four kids. I turn to him and ask, “Are they always like this?”

  He smiles fondly, “Most of the time.”

  I shake my head, “How do you cope?”

  Liam just shrugs, “They don’t call me Daddy Directioner for nothing.” I can’t help myself; I start laughing. “What?”

  “Daddy Directioner?”

  “Yeah,” he jokes, “Without me I don’t know where we’d be.”

  “Lost.” We both laugh. Okay, so Liam isn’t bad. We watch them for a while before they wear themselves – and me – out.

  “Oh my god, guys calm down!”

  They finally calm down, Zayn and Niall sitting on opposite sofas, eyeing each other warily, and Louis on Harry’s lap with their arms wrapped around each other. I must have looked confused because Niall explains, “They have a bromance thing going on.”

  “Right...” After the last twenty minutes I really shouldn’t be surprised by anything they do.

  Harry winks at me, “Don’t worry love, I’m single.”

  “What?” shrieks Louis, “You pick Frankie over me? She’s the one who insulted your hair!”

  “Well, she didn’t really know what she was saying, her English isn’t great.”

  “Hey! There is nothing wrong with my English, and I meant every word I said!”

  “I forgive you.” He smirks.

  “You’re impossible.”

  “You like it really.”

  “If you two are finished,” Zayn announces, “then our ride’s here.” Liam told me before that they are waiting for Eleanor, Louis’ girlfriend, to pick them up. “They’ve taken our cases down already.”

  They all pick up a small bag and start to make their way out of the room. I feel stranded. I pick up my own bag but I’m not sure what to do. Going back home is out of the question until I’ve done what Tyrone sent me to do. I can’t go to the hotel room I booked because it’s under my false name. The police are bound to be waiting there for me to check in. As if I’d be that stupid. Sometime police can be so clueless. I have the cash to check into another hotel, but I need to find one first. And they’ll still be looking for me, so I could be spotted the moment I walk out of the door. I can’t shadow the guys because people might recognise them, and it would draw too much attention to me.

  Can this day get any worse?

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