Whoops, I met you

Whoops, she met him.


1. Maggie Noodles

 A hot bowl of maggie noodles rested on my hand as I listened to her in utter boredom.

 ".......and his name is Kian Reckner, and..."

 Kian Reckner. I repeated the name over and over in my head. It was a good name, and it certainly made a boy sound good. I just wondered how good this boy that was dating my hopeless sister really was.

 "How good is he in maths?"

 "100% standard."

 "Is he social?"

 "Are you kidding me?"

 "Is he cute?"

 "Is there a limit?"

 "How old is he?"


 I sighed and rested back on my purple fluffy swivel chair. Sure, my sister was pretty lucky with a guy like that. I smiled at her beaming face, that was so happy after so many years of mum's death and because of one boy. I had a lot to thank him for.

 "I suggest you keep close," I commented. "He doesn't sound too bad."

 "Ah-uh," she yawned. "Actually, he's picking me up tommorow for a fancy dinner at Festo's. I have to pick a dress!"

 "Stay casual, Bea!" I yelled as she rushed out of the room. I put the magie noodles down for a second and picked up a flip-pad that lay on the desk. Slowly I started sketching his blond hair and blue eyes, with a great big head for a mathematical mind, and the brand new Iphone to show him as social. I wondered why he would pick my sister, but then again, I wondered why not. After I finished the picture I examined him in great detail. He looked pretty magical, amost real. Then I drew Beatrice next to him, her brunette curls flowing out behind her favourite sparkly hairband and a hot pink dress that went down to her shins. I portrayed her as beautiful, looking staright into the sky, with eyes like diamonds. Much better than me, with my straight golden hair and green eyes.

 Beatrice came into the room, her dress outstanding her, making her look dazzling.

 "How do I look, Eleanor Stanfier?"

 "Gorgeous. Kian will die." 

 "Good," she chuckled, her face blushing red. "Hey what have you drawn there?"

 "Oh, it's just....," I couldnt finish because she instantly snatched it from my hands and inspected it thoroughly.

 "Aww, Ellie, you drew me and Kian!" she exclaimed. "Oh, gosh, I'll hang this by my bed right now!"

 She rushed out of the room in a jiffy. It was pleasing seeing her like this. I'm so glad she didn't suspect anything....unusual. Well, she should have, because as soon as she left, I felt an instant stab of jealousy running through me like a bullet.


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