Life Of Collins

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2. "Daddy I'm scared!"

"Daddy I'm scared!" Collins teetered on her new bicycle. No more training wheels for her.

"You'll be alright honey. You just got to stay balanced. You can do it." Jesse gently coaxed her on towards her mother who was patiently waiting at the end of the side walk for her daughter. Camera in hand, taking pictures.

"C'mon baby-girl! Do it for Mommy!" Winnie shouted.

Collins pushed her feet off of the pavement and started pedaling. Faster and faster. The world around her gently melted away from a sweet suburban neighborhood to a magic forest. Collins giggled as she passed a mermaid relaxing in a small pond and shrieked with joy as two blue fairies pushed her along. The joy of riding a two-wheel bike filled Collins and she couldn't have felt any better than she already did. Feeling like a little girl in a commercial for Quaker Oats, the magic forest blended away and the sweet suburban neighborhood returned as well as her mother Winnie coming into view.

"You did it!" Winnie came into Collin's view and she hopped off her bike, leaving the back wheel spinning ferociously as the bike tumbled to its side. The magic forest blended away back to the neighborhood.

"Yay! Daddy! I did it!" Collins raised her arms above her head and clapped for herself.

"Yes you did sweety!" Jesse picked her up in his arms and spun her around.

"Ice cream!" Collins pointed to a truck rumbling by the house. It was playing a common pre-school song through the speakers and Collins was completely in a trance.

"You want some ice-cream baby?" Jesse whispered.

"Ya!" Collins wriggled herself from Jesse's grip, ran towards the now stopped truck and pounded her fists against the cold hard metal.

"One scoop chocolate ice-cream please." Winnie paid the man in the truck and picked up her little girl.

"I can't believe it." Winnie sighed.

"What darling?" Jesse slipped his arms around his wife's waist.

"Her. Collins. Ours. She rode her bike for the first time today. All by herself!" Winnie wiped away a tear. "Sorry I'm so emotional." Winnie laughed as well as Jesse.

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