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2. An Alphabetic Poem

Well, this is not a sonnet, just something I wrote about the other day. Thought it might be fun to read. 

Please point out if there are any grammar or spelling mistakes. Thanks very much! 


          An Alphabetic Poem


Today I'm writing a poem about my favourite things

Or things that matter, or good things that life bring.

To make it more fun, I placed them in alphabetical order.

The following views are personal, you can beg to differ.


A comes first, and it stands for autumn,

My favourite season, when trees turn golden.

When old classmates reunite, and talk for hours

About memories years ago, that seemed long forgotten


B is for birthdays, but not only my own,

I'm sure the reason you all have known

On mine I receive presents a day of surprise,

On others I receive candies, so I feel likewise.


C represents classroom (this may cause exclamations)

But for me, it has a special signification

Classrooms are not only for studies and lessons

It's also where every little quirky thing happens

A random joke, a slip of tongue,

Don't tell me you're never laughed out of fun.


D is the capital of diary, something private,

Where my secrets and thoughts can always be found.

Been keeping them on and off, for less than a decade,

Every time I read them, old memories come around.


E stands for ever ever after.

Sure sounds like an unreal fantasy.

But life-long happiness hereafter

Is something I surely believe


F means friends which I most sincerely value

Someone to laugh and joke with or sometimes who offers a tissue

Friends for now or friends forever, doesn't really matter

As long as we're having fun... Though I do prefer the latter.


G is for gifts, something nobody can deny.

For birthdays or festivals, who cares when or why

Just wrap it up with a heart full of thoughts.

The receiver would be so happy, he could probably fly.


H represents holidays, hooray to all,

You can stay at home all day, or out to play ball.

Though happy and free, something bothers us all

And that's the load of homework, keeps getting stalled.


I as in idols, something vulgar but important,

Someone we can look up to and learn something from

Gives us confidence and makes us resistant.

Help us through the night, when dawn is yet to come.


J for the journeys, that I've been on a few,

Each time it shows me something brand new.

An Interesting culture, a breath-taking view.

The surprises they bring, you can never get used to


K as in knickknacks, something small and fun.

They can always thrill me, put my heart on the run.

Fancy erasers, baubles and delicate bookmarks.

Make me full of joy, every time I found one.


L for literary federation, my other family.

A group of unity I can always call home.

Where students stick together, through failure and glory.

Once joining in, you'll never feel alone.


M stands for music, a huge part of my life,

It can light up my world by reaching inside.

It melody, the lyrics, the emotions it brings.

I can always connect to, from deeper within.


N means nature, something seems far away,

Can be found beside you, in a sea of gray.

A bird, a leaf, a flower blooms in May.

Can cheer you all up, and make your day.


O for old times, as in time gone by,

With friends from the past, to whom we said bye,

Stay in touch, and call often to say hi,

Then those golden memory shall never die.


P is for paper-folding, something I recently picked up,

From tiny paper roses, keeping me from dozing off.

To those combo paper balls that seems impossibly tough,

Always amaze me what a piece of paper can become.


Q stands for quality time, which I rarely gets.

A book, a cup of tea and a tasty snack.

Sitting by the window, feeling the sun slowly sets.

These times let me escape from all, and relax


R without a doubt, is meant for reading,

My top-of-the-list, past-time activity.

Every book brings me something entirely new.

From time to time I enter a reading frenzy.

When I tend to read on night and day.

In the end I'm drowned in ecstasy.


S indicates scents, gifts to our senses.

Each is different, unique in its existence.

Like the fragrance of lilac, riding upon the breeze.

Mint, lemongrass, passion fruit these three.

Are my own favorites, they bring me peace.


T is for TV series, not really a surprise.

After all I watch them every week, or otherwise.

The unknown fate of the characters will drive me nuts.

Oh those intense plots, I just can't get enough.


U as in unicorn, this might be odd

But it stands for fantasies, day-dreams and the lot.

Imagination is what makes our lives so colorful.

So what's so weird about liking a unicorn.


Here comes V, and it's for vegetables,

Green food is healthy, isn't that agreeable.

Cabbage, lettuce, pepper and tomatoes.

Eat them every day, you'll be 100 years old.


W means writing, writing my own thoughts.

Or about my day, or my fantasy plot.

Writing is like singing out loud with pen and ink,

Expressing free will, spreading your own wings.


X is for X'mas, the merriest time of the year,

Snowflakes fall down, and it's white everywhere.

It's the season of sharing, giving and love.

The spirit of Christmas is more than enough.


And as for Y, I've run out of words,

So just to make do, I picked yoghurt,

It's healthy and makes my belly full.

That's why everyday I drink a bagful.


Z is for zest, and to tell the truth.

It is the only word I find suitable.

Representing excitement and thrills of youth.

Can still be an emotion considered selectable.


So here's the end, what a long long poem.

Not boring is it? I certainly hope.

Anyway, now you know about me a lot more.

Thanks for reading. Sincerely yours.

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