Love Me

A story about two sisters called Libby and Bethany who find themselves falling for Harry and Niall, do they feel the same.


2. Shopping

Niall's POV

I got up to Harry jumping on my bed at 3am this morning,

"Get up lazy bones we have rehearsals soon, Wakey Wakey!" Harry shouted

"Ok Ok Haz!"

The concert was in two days so we had 5 hours of rehearsals followed by vocal training. Then we have to get outfit fittings for the concert.


Libby's POV

I put on some blue skinny jeans and my black cami, slid on my black converse and navy baseball jacket to wear shopping, then I put on some foundation, clear lip gloss, black sparkly eyeshadow and mascara and put my hair in a messy bun then waited in the hallway for Beth to get ready. She wore a purple and black checked shirt with black high waisted shorts, a black body warmer and black hi-tops, she had natrual make-up and her hair was in a fish-tail plait. 

"we ready to go shopping?" I asked

"Yup!" Bethany replied


**skip bus journey**


at school so update ASAP

no hate please

hope you like it so far -x- 

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