Sirius 5th year

My first English Movella, don't judge me too hard :3
Sirus Black want too escape his stupid family. But how?
And what are going to happen on hogwarts this year for Sirius and his friends?


2. The Knight Bus

Suddenly he saw a light, and a big red double-decker bus arrived in front of him. A young man stepped up in front of him and said:”Welcome to the Knight Bus, emergency transport for the stranded witch or wizard. My name is Ernie and I will be your conductor this evening” Sirius looked at Ernie. “Is it possible to drive me to Godrics hollow? he quickly asked. “Nothing is impossible for her, as long it’s in Great Britain!” said Ernie with a smile, pointing at the old, red bus.“But what with my trunk?” Sirius asked. “No problem” said Ernie. He took the big brown Hogwarts trunk, and threw it into the bus. “Well come on then!” Ernie said, and grabbed Sirius’s left arm. And for the first time the whole summer, he actually felt happiness! He was going to Godrics Hollow visiting James! And soon they would sit in the train on the way to Hogwarts. And he would see his friends Remus and Peter again! But the happiness was short, cause he was tired and got headache. He got into the old bus, and found a seat. The bus was pretty uncomfortable, but cosy. Meanwhile had Ernie found a moneybox. “5 gallions please” he said. Sirius took his pocket, and gave Ernie the money. “Godrics Hollow you said? Well let’s see if we can make that” Ernie said, and VROOM! The bus was driving so fast it was hard to stay on the seat!  Left, right, left, left, right... In and out of small streets.

“Can’t the muggles see us?!” Sirius asked. “Ha-ha no of course not, we have an antimuggle spell on the bus you fool” Ernie grinned.  “Well, sorry i asked!” said Sirius with a voice full of sarcasm. He absolutely HATED when people treated him like an idiot. “Aren’t we there yet?!” he said extremely loudly, just to annoy Ernie. “Calm down!” said Ernie with a smile. “Sorry” muttered Sirius. He wasn’t in his greatest mood. He never was in the summer holidays where he had to stay at Grimmauld Place.  “We can’t be far away now” said Ernie, looking at his gold watch. “I got this from my dad” Ernie showed Sirius the watch. “He was also conductor, and later driver, at the bus” he said proudly.  “When i grow old, i also think i will be driving instead. Then i can find a new, young conductor” Sirius didn’t listen. All these thing in his head was just too much. He got headache and was extremely tired. He just wanted a nap. And before he could do something, he fell asleep.

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