Sirius 5th year

My first English Movella, don't judge me too hard :3
Sirus Black want too escape his stupid family. But how?
And what are going to happen on hogwarts this year for Sirius and his friends?


5. The Hogwarts Express

Finally it became september! Sirius was so exited. It wasn't because he hadn't enjoyed his stay with the Potter's but he also wanted to see his other friends agian. And - he could'nt deny it - Ayanna. Ayanna was a Gryffindoor girl, that Sirius had a secret crush on, She was smart, pretty...yeah she was perfect in his eyes. Even James thought she was cute. But Sirius knew who James really liked, althrough they never talked about it. 

Meanwhile Sirius thought about his friends, Ayanna and Hogwarts, it was suddely time to leave. Mrs Potter hugged both boys and said: "I'll miss you both." The boys got on the train and waved to her. Sirius was going to miss here. She was like the mother she never had, that actually loved him. "Sirius, here is an empty coupee" yelled James. They took a seat, and after a few minutes Peter and Remus joined them. The first thing Remus said was: "Guess what?" He hold a golden little prefect sign up. "Wow!" said Peter, making big eyes. James sighed. "Don't be jalous James!" said Sirius. "I am not! That really cool Remus, congratulations!" said James, trying too smile. He were always happiest when he was the center of the conversation. But he were'nt today and the rest of the train ride he was a little grumpy. "Oh!" said Remus looking at his watch . "I have to go met the other prefects! See you all!" Sirius was i mood for some Bertie Bott's every flavour beans and leaved James and Peter for finding the trolley lady. But then he saw Ayanna and got almost petrified. She did just stand there talking with Lily Evans. He heard a voice far away saying: "Dear boy? Are you okay?" Sirius got out of his trance. "Oh sorry. Two pumpkinpies and some Every Flavour Beans please." 

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