Sirius 5th year

My first English Movella, don't judge me too hard :3
Sirus Black want too escape his stupid family. But how?
And what are going to happen on hogwarts this year for Sirius and his friends?


8. Professor Wheelburg

Next morning at breakfast the atmosphere between the boys were dull and poor. Sirius couldn't belive that Remus told Dumbledore about the plan. And when Sirus told James about him and Dumbledores meeting, he got so mad at Remus, that Sirius wished he hadn't told him. "Why?! WHY! What if he had expelled us or something! What did you say! Did you say that we've been trying to make do the spell since we discoverd your secret! Oh GOD i CAN'T belive you told Dumbledore...!" "JAMES!" said Remus. "I only did the right ting to do. And he have acutally already helped us! He gave us a tip about a teacher that could help us! And do you think it is Slughorn or McGonnagal? NO! It's Professor Wheelburg!" "Hey guys?" said Sirius. "Am i the one only one who thought he looked familiar?" "No" said Peter suddenly. "I've also seen him before. But i can't remember where." Sirius took some more egg and bacon. "Oh look, our schedule!" said James. McGonnagal gave one to every student. "Defence against dark arts, double lession! Perfect! Then we can get to know the new professor!" said Remus. "Oh there's Quidditch practice today!" said James. "When?" asked Sirius dull. "5 pm" answered James regretfull. "Sorry can't we meet in SS tomorrow?" Remus sighed. SS were their secret name for the Shrieking Shack, were they every night (besides when James had to practice Quidditch) were trying to make a very complicated spell. So complicated that the most grown wizards couldnt make it. But the boys were sure they could make it. They practiced and practiced every night. Theyhey were practicing to be Animaguses. 

Sirius walked down the corridor to Professor Wheelbrugs classroom. It were on the second floor in a light big room with lots of weird stuff. There were no chairs in the room but instead small stools. When everybody were in the room, did Wheelbrug start talking: "Goodmorning class! My name is Professer Wheelburg, and it's so nice to see you all!" He sounded honest. "Let me first get something clear. In my classes we are, of course going to learn something, but we're also going to have a good time! I advocate practice, instead of reading." The class were now excited. Sirius saw Ayanna and Lily talking with each other, and they both seemed to like the new teacher. "Today we're going to learn some simple, uncomplicated spells to use in duels. Everybody choose a partner!" Sirius looked at James. 

40 minutes later, the before clean room, was totally messed up. Pillows and stools lied everywhere. "Alright class! That is enough for today! You all did a great job!" He swung his wand, and the room cleaned itself. "See you all.!" The class was excited and talked very good about the lesson. Sirius did too. He was going out of the room but stopped when he heard Wheelburg calling out his and James names. "Mr Black and Mr Potter! Wait a second!" The boys turned around. Wheelburg smiled and said "Mr Black! Pleause. And Mr Potter you too! Look i've talked with Dumbledore, and just in case you know.." He now whispered: ..."I work in the Ministry of Magic, and the Minister may not like this, but i will help you as much as i can. Our situation is very special, poor boy, what was his name? Rumus?" "Remus" corrected James. "Oh yes. The Ministry would'nt understand it, but, just ask me if You need help. Ok?" The boys nodded. "Good. And remember! Be carefull!"

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