Sirius 5th year

My first English Movella, don't judge me too hard :3
Sirus Black want too escape his stupid family. But how?
And what are going to happen on hogwarts this year for Sirius and his friends?


9. Hogsmeade

Everything was beginning to calm down and be normal at Hogwarts. It was everyday agian. And It was soon time for the first Hogsmeade Trip and Sirius were very excited. Him and James loved to buy prank stuff at Zonko's Jokeshop, and drink butterbear at the Tree Broomsticks. Everytime they were in Hogsmeade, they'd also spred the rumor a little more, that the Shrieking Shack was very haunted. Just in case that some student wouldn't go exploring there a late, fullmoon, night. 

At the morning table, Ayanna were sitting close to James, and Sirius got an idea. He whispered in James ear: "James, please, talk a little with her and give her a hint". James looked uncomprehending back. "Give her a hint about ME" said Sirius. Sirius saw them talking and hoped for the best, but after the breakfast James ran up next to Sirius, looking apologetic, and said "Sorry Sirius, she is completly into me, and i am afraid i can't do anything about it." 


It was time for the Hogsmeade trip. The wind scattered the cripsy brown leaves all over the contryard. James, Sirus, Remus and Peter went to Hogsmeade quickly and the first place they went, were The Three Broomstiks. They bought warm calming Butterbear. It was the BEST during winter time og fall time. "No luck with Lily yet?" asked Sirius. "Meh no. But one day she will become mine, trust me!" said James. "What about the Ayanna girl?" asked Remus. "No luck." said Sirius. "She loves the Chaser!" James grimaced. "It isn't my fault come on" 

"I didn't say that James" mumbled Sirius. "Hey look over there" said Peter. It was Professer Wheelbrug. He had an old piece of pargament in his hand and was walking straight to the boys table.







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