Sirius 5th year

My first English Movella, don't judge me too hard :3
Sirus Black want too escape his stupid family. But how?
And what are going to happen on hogwarts this year for Sirius and his friends?


4. Digagon Alley

Sirius woked up early. The sun sent golden yellow stripes into the bedroom, and brightened up James face. Sirius stepped carefully over him, trying not to break his glasses, there were laying on the floor next to him. He could hear noise from the Kitchen and guessed it was Mrs. Potter making breakfast. He walked down the stairs, and a smell of bacon met his nose. “Morning Sirius!” said Mrs. Potter. “James still sleep doesn’t he? Such a sleepyhead! Are you hungry? she asked. “Yes! It smells so delicious Mrs. Potter!” Sirius answered. A little later, James came down the stairs. “Ohh mom gimme some food i’m sooo hungryy” yawned James. “James! “ said Mrs. Potter, putting bacon and egg on two plates. “Sorry. Can i please have some food?” “Of course my dear!” said Mrs Potter.

A couple of minutes later, Charlous came down. “Good morning everybody!” he said freshly. “Daad calm down i’m tired.” While Charlous was an A person James was defiantly a B person. Suddenly a big brown owl flied into the house, through the open window. “Our Hogwarts letters!” said James. Sirius opened his letter. They were going to have sooo many books this year! “Charlous, are you going with us to Diagon Alley?” asked Mrs. Potter. “Sorry no. I have so much work do in the Ministry.” Charlous was journalist on the Daily Prophet which office was in the Ministry of Magic. “Are we all ready? Fine, come on then.” said Mrs Potter.

They were going to use floo powder. It was the easiest way coming to Diagon Alley, where they should buy their school stuff. Sirius and James had tried it many times before. Sirius took some of the powder, threw it into the fireplace, and shouted “Diagon Alley!”

Everybody came safe out of the fireplace in Diagon Alley. James and Sirius ran down the street, saying hello to their Hogwarts friends. In a corner they saw a boy with long, black and greasy hair, talking to a pretty red-haired girl. It was Severus Snape and Lilly Evans. “Hey Snivellus!” yelled James, to Severus. “Leave him alone!” yelled Lilly back. James smiled to her but she just starred hateful at him. Sirius knew that James liked Lilly. “Let’s see” said Sirius, looking at the Hogwats book list. “We should defiantly go to Flourish and Blotts, the bookshop, first.”

At lunchtime they had finished their shopping, ready to going home.  They took home a played Quidditch in the garden, played wizard chess and just had fun. Sirius still had 2 weeks with the Potter family before the school start, and he was extremely happy. He hoped he could live with the Potter family every holiday from now.

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