When Love Backfires

I don't really want to explain everything so you will just have to read the story. I'll tell ya the deets though. A girl named Alexa lives in Manchester but then has to move to Cheshire. Alexa has Green eyes that Alost always sparkle, long curly dark brown hair, and dimples. She moves next door to a superstar and doesn't even know it.....


4. 3

 Harry's POV

       I walked behind Alexa down the stairs. The whole time I was staring at her bum. DAT ass! It was awesome. Same with those boobs. She giggled and bounced down the stairs. Her silky curly hair fly in everywhere. She sou in around and giggled when we reached the bottom of the stairs. She sat on a chair and saw a note. She started reading it. She smiled and looked at me. '' Mum is bringing Mel to a water park for 2 days. I'm home alone for 2 days!'' She hopped up and started dancing around, her hair flying around. I walked over to her and she topped over on me. I smiled cheekily at her and she blushed. I started to lean in but she sat up so that she was straddling me. She giggled and looked into my eyes. I propped myself up. I smiled at her and she blushed. I heard my phone ringing so I rolled my eyes and slid my hand into my pocket and answered my phone. It was Lou.

  L: Hey Haz!

 H: What Lou?

 L: Sheesh. I just wanted to say me and the lads are staying over at your place for break! Ann said we could

 H:What? Why? I mean you can but when will you be here?

 L: we are here! But your not. Where ya at Haz?

 H: across the street in the orange house.

L: alright! Be there soon!


    And the that he hung up. Alexa looked at me confused and I said,'' band. They are coming over here. That OK?'' She smiled widely and nodded. I sighed when the doorbell rang. Alexa jumped off me and ran to the door. She opened it slowly and then I saw Louis. He smiled then frowned and saiid,'' are you another crazed fan that kidnapps us? Alexa laughed her adorable laugh and said,'' No, Harry is right there. He came to say hi since I just moved here 2 days ago.'' Lou looked at me with a 'is that true' look and I nodded. I couldn't help but notice all the guys were literally drooling over her. Lou smiled and pushed past Alexa. She stumbled back but Zayn jumped forward and caught her. They stared in each others eyes for a minute until I cleared my throat. Zayn looked up and blushed. Alexa glared at me and then smiled at the boys. 

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