When Love Backfires

I don't really want to explain everything so you will just have to read the story. I'll tell ya the deets though. A girl named Alexa lives in Manchester but then has to move to Cheshire. Alexa has Green eyes that Alost always sparkle, long curly dark brown hair, and dimples. She moves next door to a superstar and doesn't even know it.....


3. 2

   Alexa's POV

          We finally moved to our new home and I was sitting in my room listening to music on my IPod. I heard a knock at my door and I grunted. I checked myself in the mirror and gasped. I ran and swept down the frizziness and ran to the door. I flung open the door and a boy was smiling at my door. Being the natural teen girl I am, I leaned on my door in a flirty way and smiled. '' What can I do for ya?'' I asked being perky. He laughed and said,'' I'm Harry. I live in the tan house across the street. My mum is Anne. She visited this morning.'' I laughed and said,'' Hey Harry! Your mum mentioned having a son that will be visiting. Would you like to come in?'' He nodded and walked past me into my room and looked around. I heard him chuckle. I turned around and asked,'' Why are you laughing?'' He grabbed a paper and showed it to me. I ripped it out of his hands and saw it was a One Direction poster. I gasped and yelled for my sis. ''MELANY!!!" I heard her laugh and she walked into my room then froze at my door like she saw a ghost. I glared at her and asked,'' Why aren't you talking or explaining why your poster is in my room?'' She pointed at Harry and said,'' You don't need a poster of 1D with him here.'' I turned around and then noticed that Harry was Harry Styles from One Direction! I laughed at myself for being stupid. He looked at me weird and asked,'' You didn't notice earlier? I thought that's why you were acting all flirty.'' And then he laughed. Melany winked and backed out of the room. She shut the door and walked to her room.

       Harry's POV

                 Wow. Mum was right. She is beautiful. I really want to kiss those red plumplips but I have to hold back. She  walked up to me and bit her lip. God damn that was sexy. '' I think we should go downstairs to see my mum.'' She whispered, staring at my lips. She blinked and turned on her heels. I sighed and talked downstairs with her. I blinked and quickly said,'' I never caught your name babe!'' She turned around and bit her lip again. Aah! ' Alexa.'' Ooh. That fit her perfect figure and beauty nicely. I smiled and grabbed her hand. She jumped but then held my hand tightly but then let go. I frowned but then heard her mum. 

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