When Love Backfires

I don't really want to explain everything so you will just have to read the story. I'll tell ya the deets though. A girl named Alexa lives in Manchester but then has to move to Cheshire. Alexa has Green eyes that Alost always sparkle, long curly dark brown hair, and dimples. She moves next door to a superstar and doesn't even know it.....


2. 1

    I woke up in the morning to the sound of crying. I moaned and pushed my covers off. I looked in the mirror and almost screamed. My hair was sticking up everywhere and I had bags under my eyes. I quickly put my hair in a messy bun and ran down the stairs. I saw my mom at the kitchen counter. She had tear streaks and her hair was in knots. I walked over to her and asked,'' What's wrong mum?'' She handed me a piece of paper and sobbed again. I read the paper and it was a tax threat. It said we hadn't paid taxes or bills for 3 months so we had to move to a smaller community. Cheshire. I flung my hand over my mouth and gasped. I started crying with my mum. After about 10 minutes, she said,'' I have to go to work hun. You can stay home and pack up your room. Melany will be staying home as well to do her room.'' I nodded sadly and stood up. As soon as my mum went I to her room, Melany, my little sister who is 12, ran down the stairs and yelled,'' HARY STYLES WILL BE IN HIS HOMETOWN CHESHIRE FOR A 2 MONTH BREAK!!!!!" She stopped yelling when I broke down crying at the sound of the word Cheshire. '' What's wrong, Alexa?'' She asked and walked over to me. I shook y head and said,'' Just. Go pack. I'll explain why later. Don't leave any of your stuff behind.'' She looked at me weird then went off to her room. I went into my bathroom ad wiped off my makeup. I looked in the corner of the mirror and saw a face in the reflection of my window. I gasped then turned around to see my bff Danika. I laughed and opened my window. '' Hey Dani! I have some bad news.'' She frowned then crawled in. She sat on my bed as I closed my window. I turned around and sighed. '' What's up Chica?'' Dani asked. I looked in her eyes and said,'' I'm moving to Cheshire.'' She gasped and had tears swelling in her eyes. She started crying and hugged me. We both sat there crying for what seemed like forever.Finally we let go and she helped me pack.

       Harry's POV *1 week later*

                            I got into my mouse in Cheshire and got talked by Gemma. '' GEMMA!!!!" I screamed. '' HARREH!!" I laughed and she got off me. My mum walked in and ran to me with tears in her eyes. We hugged for a long time until she said,'' Hey buddy. Long time no see, aye?'' We laughed and I glanced out the window and saw a moving truck '' What's that?'' I asked walking towards the window. My mum laughed and said,'' New neighbors. I said hi earlier and there is a beautiful young girl that looks your age there.'' She winked and walked off. Hmm... Beautiful? I'll see that for myself. 

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