losing you

Mireya and her family moved to London because her mom got a new job. Mireya hated being the new girl in town and in school but as soon as somebody had the chance to on her they took and the group of five boys aka One direction took that chance and made fun of her. A couple of weeks after she was there she was assigned a partner for a science project and she got paired with on the five boys she hated Harry Styles. But they became really close and she a change of heart for him and all of the boys since her and Harry have been spending so much time on the project. One day Niall came into the picture and told her thatehe had feelings for her since the day she moved to the school.


7. chpt.5

When my alarm clock started going off I hurried and went to the bathroom to a shower and wrapped the the cuts again and went to my closet and got a ling tshirt and put it on with some mint green pants and my TOMS on. I went down stairs and picked up a apple and a bottle of water,my keys and my purse. I got into my car and started to drive off, I got to school and I was aalmost late but the teacher manged not to count me tardy. I took my seat with harry and I sat down with out making any eye contact with him. Mr . Ramos gave us our test and we started as soon as he set it down. By the end of the class we got our test back and I was surprised that I made 100 I guess studying really does help you pass the test. I loiked at harry he doesn't seemed to please with his grade. 'Harry what did you make on you test.' 'I made a 75' 'how did you make a 75 we study together''ummm I wasnt praying attention to what we were studying''oh' and that ended the conversation. I went to jordyns locker to walk to linch bit she wasnt there so I just went to the cafeteria and I saw chandler I ran uo to him and gavel himna hug and he hugged my tight to the piont I couldn't breathe, he finally let go and we started talking avout random stuff.' Hey I can I ask you a question' he asked. 'Yah what is the question.' 'Well there is this girl she is really pretty but I dont know if she likes me and i think she is falling for another guy how do I stop her from making the wrong decision?''I honestly dont know do I know this girl...''yes you do know her she is really tall and she is shy.' I was about to ask who was it when someboday came behind me and gave me a big hug and pucked me up I turned around amd and saw my brother standing the very happy I hugged me tighter then he hugged me and my face was glowing .' Hey chandler can I gey back to about the question?' 'Yah go hang out with your brother.' I gave him a weak smile and me and Noah walked to our table and ate lunch that her brought. Harrys Pov When is aw mireya with another guy i got jelous.'harry are you ok your jaw is tense up' niall asked.'yah' i said looking in mireyas direction and i think she noticed me looking at her because she turned around facing the guy that came to visit with her. Mireyas Pov I turned around and i saw harry staring at me and i hurried up and face Noah . When noah leftovers to go back to school he told me that he will try to visit more often and and to be good and safe . I went to look for chandler so I can answer the question her asked me before noah came and ate lunch with me.'hey chandler what is the question''oh it is nothing I already figured it out''oh ok just let me know if you want my opinion and any help.''ok thanx for being a great friend. ~~~~~~can yall please comment
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