losing you

Mireya and her family moved to London because her mom got a new job. Mireya hated being the new girl in town and in school but as soon as somebody had the chance to on her they took and the group of five boys aka One direction took that chance and made fun of her. A couple of weeks after she was there she was assigned a partner for a science project and she got paired with on the five boys she hated Harry Styles. But they became really close and she a change of heart for him and all of the boys since her and Harry have been spending so much time on the project. One day Niall came into the picture and told her thatehe had feelings for her since the day she moved to the school.


4. chpt.3

When I got home I got a text from one ofy friends from school tellinge thaty boyfriend cheated one with some slut. When I got the text I went to the kitchen and got a knife I went to my room amd locked it and started cutting my self until all my pain was gone and but I wasnt but I couldn't take the pain anymore so I stopped and I went to washh my arm and found out tje cuts were pretty deep and I put a bandage on them to stop bleeding amd put on a long shirt so my mom wont notice that cut myself because she would she really mad at me and start yelling at me like im some little kid that dont kbow how to take care of herself. When I went down stairs alex was sitting on the couch watching spongebob squarepants while she was diing her himework she probably didn't notice that I was home because I walked behind her I scared her and she got really mad. And started to hit me but I was laughing realy hard and finally she gave up and went to bed. The next morning in got uo and went to my closest to get my gray skinny jeans and a long tshirt so nodvody will see my cuts. I went to the bathroom to curl my hair and put on my makeup. I grabbed my black converse and my keys. When I got to school I found jordyn at her locker and I went over to her to say hi and gave her a hug but I was really brief because ahe seemed busy at the time. When I got into Mr. Ramos room I took my seat a got prepared for class harry came in and he loiked at me like I was still dumb but I ignored him and he just scoffed. Typical guy thing. Before I knew it it was lunch time and found our table and sat down and took off my jacket and chandler saw my cuts I hurried and put my jacket how dumb was I to take off my jacket im soo dumb. 'Mireya what happened to your arm?' Chandler asked but I didmt answer him yhen he went off to go get jordyn she rushed over to me and pulled up my sleeves revealing the cuts I started crying and ran out. She followed mebto the restroom . 'Mireya what happened to you arm and you better tell because im not leaving until you do.' She said in a sassy voice that made me smile a little bit. Tild her yhe whole story and she felt really bad for me but at least she was there for me when I need a friend.
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