losing you

Mireya and her family moved to London because her mom got a new job. Mireya hated being the new girl in town and in school but as soon as somebody had the chance to on her they took and the group of five boys aka One direction took that chance and made fun of her. A couple of weeks after she was there she was assigned a partner for a science project and she got paired with on the five boys she hated Harry Styles. But they became really close and she a change of heart for him and all of the boys since her and Harry have been spending so much time on the project. One day Niall came into the picture and told her thatehe had feelings for her since the day she moved to the school.


3. chpt.2

When I got up it was 6:30 I still had enough time to take my time to get ready for the first day if my new school that I will have to get use to. I took out a pair of shorts and a really nice shirt, put my TOMS on and but my hair into a messy bun and put my foundation and mascara on then I went to eat breakfast and the I left around 7:30. When I go to schoo the hallways where packed but thanfully the office was right around the corner from the entrance. They gave the directions tovmy locker and my 1st period classroom was at.as I was walking to my locker I bumped into the guy with curly hair and amazing green eyes. I bent down to pick up my stuff while he just walked off. Harrys Pov While was walking to english I bumped into this new girl who gorgeous but I didny even know her she seemed pretty shy to talk to her so I just walked off without helping her pick up her books. Mireyas Pov When I got to english all eyes where on me and as I looked around I found the guy that bumped into me this morning whie I was going to my locker the english teacher Mr . Ramos he told me to sit at the table the guy ibwas staring at when I found him in the classroom. As I took my seat he was staring at me like he alreadys know what is going to do to me. Harrys Pov when Mr . Ramos told her to set a my table I was shocked that she was even in this class. I found myself smiling at her and she gave me a weird smile back she was still shy you can tell by the look of her face. I started to ask her why she was in advance english but I never got answer she juat ignored me. Mireyas Pov He asked my why was in this english class I was afraid I was going to stary crying because he was making fun of me. When the bell ring I grabbed my stuf and headed out of the class to my locker to get my stuff for the next class which is science oh god how I hated science with a burning passion. I walked into thw science room qnd sat at table in the back where a really prettu girl named jordyn said hi to me and asked if I was eating with anybody at lunch I told her no and she told me tobseat with her so I can meet her friends. When it was time for lunch I was wondering all ocer the scool until I found the cafeteria and jordyn was standing at a line wither her friends when she noticed me barley walking to the lunch room 'Hey mireya we are over here', she called. 'Hey', was all I could say and she can tell that I was really shy around new people. 'This is lisi, chandler, alyssa and rina this are my closest friend and you can teuat them with anything in the world'. she exclaimed to me. We went to go sit down and we all startes talking the reason why I moved to london and they all said they were glad I came because I was a really nice peraon but I didnt belive them for a minute. *after 2 class periods After math it was time to go home I but all my school stuff except the the stuff that I needed to do my homework. I but everything in my bag and walked to my car and the green came up to me and asked what my name was and I told him and he told me his name. Harry told me to move to get in his car and lookes at me like I was a stupid girl and he drove off .the best day turned into the worst after school, Harry was such a jerk. How could he be the popular kid in the school yeah he was hotbut he was rude.
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