losing you

Mireya and her family moved to London because her mom got a new job. Mireya hated being the new girl in town and in school but as soon as somebody had the chance to on her they took and the group of five boys aka One direction took that chance and made fun of her. A couple of weeks after she was there she was assigned a partner for a science project and she got paired with on the five boys she hated Harry Styles. But they became really close and she a change of heart for him and all of the boys since her and Harry have been spending so much time on the project. One day Niall came into the picture and told her thatehe had feelings for her since the day she moved to the school.


1. chpt.1

-'Mom where is the all my box, so I can get all my stuff situated and I don't have to worry about later on?' - 'I don't know go see if they are in the moving truck.' I hated my life so much, why couldn't I stay with my dad and be happy with people I do know. I swear if on person at this ne school makes fun of me im goimg to cut myself and I dont care who it is. When I finally found my boxes I started to make my room the way I wanted and I will have to buy a lock to put on my door so nobody can come and takes stuff without asking. I was just about done with my room. Until my mom called me. -'WHAT?!!', I yelled at her as I was going down the stairs to see what she wanted. -'I need you to go to the store and by some food so I could cook you and your sister some food to eat tonight and tomorrow please' She gave me the keys and head it out to god knows where but a nice girl named marie gave her the direction to the nearest store. When I got back gave her the and she started to cook dinner for me and my sister, but all I ate was a fruit salad cause I always though of myself fat. After I ate the fruit salad I washed my bowl and went to bed because from what my momvtold me is that me and alex start school tommorow at 7:45
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