Tours & Torture

Austin goes on a tour around Florida and Ally's birthday is coming up can he get back in time or is this the end of Austin & Ally ( sequel to hospitals & hound dogs)


2. On the bus

(On the tour bus) 

Dez: you okay buddy? 

Austin: yeah I just miss Ally 

Dez: aww 

Austin: I hope three weeks comes fast 

Dez: Austin we left an hour ago 

Austin: ( sighs) I'll call her! 

(Austin calls Ally) 

Ally: hey 

Austin: hey babe what's up 

Ally: well Trish got a job as a mall cop and now she's chasing Adam around with a drum stick 

Austin: wow 

Ally: where are you going tonight 

Austin: Orlando 

Ally: Awesome! Well I gotta go stop Trish from hurting Adam bye ( she hangs up) 

Dez: how is she? 

Austin: good she had to stop Trish from killing Adam 

Dez: I knew she was a murderer 

Austin: your insane 

Dez: thank you I try my best

Austin: laughs 


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