Tours & Torture

Austin goes on a tour around Florida and Ally's birthday is coming up can he get back in time or is this the end of Austin & Ally ( sequel to hospitals & hound dogs)


5. I'm sorry

( Austin runs into the practice room) 

Austin: Ally! I'm not cheating Taylor Swift was here to meet you I was a surprise 

Ally: really? 

Austin: yeah I was trying to make it up too you 

Ally: it's okay I love you Austin 

Austin: I love you too babe 

( they hug) 

Dez: aw they made up 

Ally: how long have you guys been there 

Adam: we followed Austin up here 

Austin: group hug! 

( they hug) 


that was my fanfic the next one is summer & sun tans I don't own Austin & Ally or Taylor Swift but I do own Adam Dawson 

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