Tours & Torture

Austin goes on a tour around Florida and Ally's birthday is coming up can he get back in time or is this the end of Austin & Ally ( sequel to hospitals & hound dogs)


3. 2 1/2 weeks later

(In the practice room) 

Ally: yay only a few days till I see Austy 

Adam: Als your weird 

Ally: thank you 

(Trish walks in) 

Trish: I love this job! 

Adam: I don't that job tried to kill me yesterday 

Trish: you assaulted an officer

Adam: how is patting your back and saying good job an assault 

Trish: watch your mouth boy I smack your smirk right off your face 

Adam: bring it De la Rosea 

Trish: you got it Dawson 

Ally: okay you guys break it up

( Ally's phone starts ringing) 

Ally: ( answers) hey sweetie 

Austin: hi babe how are you 

Ally: good 

Austin: what's that noise in the back ground 

Ally: Adam and Trish fighting 

(Austin hangs up)

Ally: that was weird 

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