This is my entry for the Spring Picture Prompt contest.
We're burying Amy today. She died a few days ago, finally succumbing to the disease that destroyed her life, the illness the doctors said they could cure. Sometimes I still see her, when I turn around, when I stop remembering. No one should die that young, and certainly not my best friend.


2. The Girl with the Two Faces

My laughter was loud and piercing, echoing through the cemetery and jolting Amy's family from their grief. Five heads whipped around to glare at me, and I backed up under that intensity. As I did, I bumped the insane boy and felt a spark of electricity flow through me.

"Ok, yeah, nice joke perv. Ummh, ok, so here's the thing. I'm here at the grave of my best friend, and you're an ass, so please just leave me ALONE!" My voice rose to a scream by the end, and the tears came again, hot and fast now. I turned away from the gawking spectators and the boy with the smug smile, and ran, my heels clacking on the stone path until I let them slip from my feet and left them behind.

At the edge of the little ceremony was a tiny forest, a grove of trees that barely deserved the name, but it was a sanctuary for me now. I made I beeline for it, jumping over the little border wall and springing beneath the cool branches.

"You run fast, I must say. I'm impressed." The boy lounged against a tree directly in my path, those cursed balloons still in his fist, mocking me.

"Jerk off, a-hole," I panted drawing to a stop a few feet away and bending over to catch my breath.

"You should stop insulting us, it's rather irritating," he said, his smile belying his words.

"Alright," I muttered, deciding to play along with the insane kid because he could clearly run faster and further than me and I had little chance of actually escaping. "So if you're me, what's your name?"

"Well," he replied slowly, unlatching himself from the tree and pacing further into the trees, motioning me to follow. "I'm Jesse, and so are you the last time I checked."


He ignored me and we reached the little stone wall that bordered the other side of the grove. The boy - Jesse, if he was to be believed - sat down and patted the wall beside him indicatively. I sighed and gave in, sitting beside him but turning away, so that our backs were to each other and my feet were up on the wall.

"So what happens now?" I asked sadly as grief crashed back down on me.

"Now you take the balloons, go back to your friend's grave, and shock the world. Trust me, Amy would love them." Jesse leaned toward me conspiratorially.

I suppressed a laugh and stood up again, my fingers closing around the balloon strings. When I turned to look, the boy was gone.

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