Semi-Godly Treasures (Love story~)

This story follows the life of a young girl named, Krystie. She goes to Camp half-blood due to an event you'll learn in the story! Thanks for reading(Or not).


1. Info On Characters


Main Characters


Krystie Cocoa Blue


This character is one of the made-up ones. She has a harsh past and delighting

future. She is a girl, if you haven't noticed already. She is very short, has long, black hair,

deep aquamarine eyes, and is very skilled at fighting, despite her size.

Her mother is Athena and her father is, well, you'll see...

She is smart, shy, curious, good at fighting and has a sense of humor.

Her preferred weapon is a short sword, NOT A KNIFE OR DAGGER.



Mike Cream Blue

He is brother to Krystie and is very protective. He is easily liked and is 

very talkative. He specializes in sword fighting and owl-taming.

He has short, messy, black hair, He is of average hight and has

 deep aquamarine eyes. His mother is Athena and his father is 

listed in the story. His preferred weapon is a regular-sized 


The rest of the characters are listed in the real books. I don't own ANYTHING. All characters (except for the ones listed above) belong to Rick Riordan.

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