Semi-Godly Treasures (Love story~)

This story follows the life of a young girl named, Krystie. She goes to Camp half-blood due to an event you'll learn in the story! Thanks for reading(Or not).


2. A Beginning To A New Life



Krystie's P.O.V.



It's her.

Yes. The answer to our 


Do you really think this scrawny 

child will be any good?

Yes I do, Mr. D.

Very well, send

Grover to her.



What the heck! I ran quickly downstairs and told me father. "My dream. What did it mean?"

I say quickly after I explain the dream. His eyes showed panic. "Pack your things. Bring clothes,

and some food, Quickly now!" It pained me to see my dad so worried. I packed all the things 

he told me to pack and ran to his car. "Krystie, I know you are only 10 years old, but I have 

to tell you something very important. I need you to go to this special summer camp.

They'll explain this in full detail." He drove quickly to a small piece of country-side 

Suddenly, a huge snake threw itself at us. I shrieked, he yelled. We ran quickly to a

 small barn. "Oof!" My dad crashed into something. Go on Krystie! I'll see you again one

 day. Go on, you'll see your brother soo- ARGH!" He was picked up by the snake. The color

 was fading away from his face. I ran as quickly as I could, tears streaming down my face.

"Hey, you alright?"

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