Falling hard

Katie is a normal 14 year old who is obsessed with one direction and more importantly harry, until she speaks a few words to a good looking Irishman, find out hipow it goes
Niall&katie and liam&grace
Ok so I have a wattpad account under the same name and I thought I should post on both sights


4. Too fast

Zayns POV 

Niall was really distracted with Katie....all we heard on the way home was Katie this, Katie that. I mean and kitten? Like honestly he is 

taking this to fast. 

Zayn: don't you think your getting into to this to fast niall?

Niall: no I really like her zayn

Zayn: ok whatever you say. how old is she anyways?

Niall: *mumbles*

Zayn: i cant even hear you mate

Niall: she's fourteen.....

Zayn: DUDE! She's way to young! 

Niall: age doesn't matter!


Katie's POV

The kiss.....that's all I had on my mind. I couldn't get it out of my mind. I wonder if he'll call me? No he probably won't....but at least I 

got to kiss him....*...drool on there chiny chin chins....* lol my text alert

From: nialler <3

Hey kitten, 
We should really hang out. Maybe you can show me around? I miss you :(
-nialler xoxo


Hey nialler,
Ya sure give me a time and place. And I miss you too :)
-kitten xoxo

Almost instantly I got a text back from him

From:nialler <3 

Um how about we meet at my hotel Tomorrow at 1:00?


Sure but I'm going to go to bed night nialler :) xoxo

From: nialler <3 

Night love, have a great sleep 
See you tomorrow :) 
-nialler <3

I smiled and set my phone to the side and drifted off into a land of happiness :)

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