Falling hard

Katie is a normal 14 year old who is obsessed with one direction and more importantly harry, until she speaks a few words to a good looking Irishman, find out hipow it goes
Niall&katie and liam&grace
Ok so I have a wattpad account under the same name and I thought I should post on both sights


3. Mistakes do happen

Katie's POV 

I just sit down and curl into a ball next to the wall

OMG I'm so stupid what the heck was I thinking he probably hates me! 

I hear someone running down the hall the sound getting closer and closer to me

I crunch up in a ball tighter

I hear a thick Irish accent calling my name.....


Nialls POV

KATIE!!!! I keep yelling but no answers

I hear quit sniffling and I run towards it. I see Katie curled up in a ball crying quietly to herself. I try to be as quiet as I can and I sit 

Next to her.

Niall: shhhhhhhhhh it's ok I'm here

Katie: I'm soooo sorry niall I mean who wants a 14 year old to have their first kiss with them when there so many years apart.

Niall: if you ask me I quite enjoyed it.

It was silent for a bit. She lifted her head and looked up at me......with those irresistible eyes......

She looked at me for a few seconds then snuggled her head in to my neck

Katie: thanks niall

Niall: for what?

Katie: for pretending you liked the kiss.... I mean when I kissed you your lips just looked so kissable and soft and you your just 

Ugh to irresistible and your accent I mean lik- 

I kissed her again. BAM Fireworks again 

Niall: I wasn't pretending and I was wondering maybe you could show me around your town? Kitten

Katie: ya I would love to...hahahaha kitten? 

Niall: ya what you don't Like it :(

Katie: no nialler I LOVE IT

Niall: hahHaha how about we switch phones and type in out names and numbers 

Katie: o-o-ok 

She then cuddled back into my neck and I felt complete like nothing mattered except me and Katie.

Liam's POV

Liam: have you guys seen niall? 

Zayn: no 

Harry: ya he ran after some girl 

Liam: ok well I'm going to go find him

I walk through the halls and I see two bodies one cuddled into the other they looked so peaceful but they were asleep so I had 

To wake them up........

Liam: niall?.....niall!!!!!

Niall: shhhhhhhh! You'll wake up kitten!

Liam: kitten? Haha

Katie: it's alright nialler I'm already up........anyways I better find grace and we better leave.......and niall ill text you later 

And then Katie or as niall says "kitten" kissed him on the cheek and he giggled. I have never seen him that happy since X factor

Yep this was going to be an interesting few days..........

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