Falling hard

Katie is a normal 14 year old who is obsessed with one direction and more importantly harry, until she speaks a few words to a good looking Irishman, find out hipow it goes
Niall&katie and liam&grace
Ok so I have a wattpad account under the same name and I thought I should post on both sights


1. Katie

Hello I'm Katie I'm 14 i'm from canada and have major ADHD for those of you who don't know what it means it means I hyper all the time...but no worries I take pills (not drugs i swear) I love one direction, and definitely Harry styles! I am 5"5' I have eyes that change from blue to green to grey to hazel...weird I know...I love food :) my favourite animal is a giraffe.......agh sorry getting off topic. I have Brownish hair with natural blonde highlights it has never been dyed and I hope to keep it that way. I have curves and lots of them...but Just because i  
Have big boobs and lots of curves doesn't mean i'm perfect....nobody's perfect...*cough* except *cough* one direction *cough*. I also love to sing and song write :) anyways enough about me so let's get on with the story.
Katie's POV
I open my eyes seeing all the one direction posters that I have collected through the years. I reach to the side table by my bed and grab 
my phone I look at the amazing Background of Harry :0 *sigh* he sooooo hot. I realize the date.....December 3rd....MY BIRTHDAY! 
Yayayayayayayahayayayaya but The only crappy part is the fact that I'm probably not getting anything and I mean anything one 
direction related. 
Mom: "Katie!!!!!!!!come on time to open presents!"
Me: "one second!"
But we all know 1 second in teen language is like 2 hours. But since its my birthday I'll be nice :)
I walk into the living room and see a present they are all forcing me to open it.
Me: "ok ok! Let me wake up first!"
I carefully unwrap the present to see a blue volleyball sweater. It was great because I play REP volleyball. 
Mom: "go on Katie, put it on"
I put the sweater on and reach into the pocket...
I feel something
It's probably just the tag
But I'll look at it anyways 
I pull out a blue jays (baseball team) season ticket holder
Me: "thanks for the blue jays tickets mom and dad"

Mom: "you didn't even look inside of them!"
I carefully open then to see two tickets 
I scan the tickets looking for a name 
Than in big bold letters I see 2 words that I love seeing.......

A/n: hey guys this is a boring chapter because I'm just getting started it will be more exciting next chapter I promise :)

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