Falling hard

Katie is a normal 14 year old who is obsessed with one direction and more importantly harry, until she speaks a few words to a good looking Irishman, find out hipow it goes
Niall&katie and liam&grace
Ok so I have a wattpad account under the same name and I thought I should post on both sights


7. Date 1/2


(Sorry for the random letters! They won't go away! It's annoying )

Katie's POV 

What grace said was a little to harsh and now I'm sitting here crying my eyes out....
Then I get a text

From: nialler <3 

Hey kitten Ill pick you up in 1 hour ok?, 
Nialler xo

To: nialler <3 

Ok thatnks for telling me, I have to go get ready now,
Kitten xo

From: nialler <3

Ok kitten see you soon ;) ,
Nialler <3

I put my phone away and stood up and realized I would have to get ready without grace.....

I grabbed a pink dress that reached my knees, a pair of pink converse, and a cream coloured ribbon for my hair.
For my makeup I didn't do to much, but enough to make me look even older.

I take a look in the mirror 
And for the first time in a long time I think I look....gorgeous 


I'm getting ready for Katie right now and Im just wearing some supras, a blue polo, and some jeans 

I look at the time and think to myself..perfect timing....

I drive to Katie's house and walk up to the door. I don't know why, but I'm so nervous. I knock on the door. It opens.......

And there she is...Im speechless.....the way her eyes look.......she's so beautiful........I'm falling for her, falling really hard. 

Katie: "niall??...NIALL" 

Niall: oh sorry

Katie: you zoned out for a bit... *giggles*

I start to blush and oh my gosh her giggle will always make me melt.

Katie: so where are we going?

Niall: it's a suprise

Katie: ooOoo I like surprises.......


a/N sorry guys its really short but Im so busy with school an please give me feedback

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