Mac is kidnapped and thrown into a dangerous world. Scared, alone, and helpless she meets 1 famous boy that is in the same situation as her.


8. 8.

"Mac we have to go to school now." Zayn whispered. I shook my head. "Yes please for me? I want you there, with me please. I will love you forever." He pleaded. I laughed. "You already do. And fine." I said. He smiled and pulled me off the bed. When he did he frowned. "Babe you are so light." He said concerned. He walked me to the mirror and lifted my shirt. All I saw was fat. "Mac I can see you bones perfectly. This isn't right. Baby please eat more your killing me here." He whispered. He was lying to me. I shrugged him off and went  to take a shower. I finished then met Zayn at the front door. "Where is Harry?" I asked him. "Sick." He replied. We got to the school late. We walked into the doors and heard a familiar click. The click of a gun loading. Zayn's hand instantly tightened around mine. They men told us to walk to the cafeteria. I heard Brittany crying. She was the worst of them all to me. The man lifted her up and stood up on the table with her. "I TOLD YOU ALL TO BE QUITE! SHE DIDN'T SO NOW SHE NEEDS TO PAY." He screamed he lifted the gun to her head. As much as I hated her for everything I couldn't just let her get shot. 

"STOP" I screamed his attention turned to me. I let go of Zayn and walked towards him. He chuckled and pushed Brittany to the ground. He walked over to me and grabbed my wrist I winced in pain. He ripped my sleeve open. "Little girl who made you do these? Tell me or I shoot him." He said pointing the gun at Zayn. "Everyone except him." I said. He slapped me. Zayn screamed. He was being held back by four men. I left my cheek to sting. I heard more crying from around the room. "You are weak. Weak ones die it's Darwinism." He said. "Darwinism at its finest." I added. He kicked me in the knee. I fell to the ground. Zayn was screaming at him to stop. "I am the weak one but yet I stood up to you a man with a gun for a girl who has made my life a living hell. If that is weak then shoot." I said. He laughed. He turned me to face Zayn. He was no on his knee's. "Shoot him or I shoot you." He said handing a gun. He forced the barrel to Zayn's forehead. "no." I said. "shoot me but I will not shoot him." I said. Zayn grew angry. "God dammit Mac stop being so stupid! Pull the fucking trigger. Live for god sake  Please just do it. I can't live without you, but you can live without me." He cried. The room was silent. I flipped the gun and pressed it to my stomach and fired. I fell to the ground. Zayn was screaming so loud they let him go. He ripped off his shirt and pressed it on the hole. 

"Mac please don't. Stay with me baby. Please I love you so much. I can't live without you. Babe please." He cried. I was crying. I touched his face. I felt myself dying. 

"Please Zayn let go of me. Forget about me. Move on have cute little kids. I love you so much but let go." I whispered before closing my eyes. I heard Zayn's faint screams. 


She closed her eyes and wouldn't open them. I looked at my hands which were now shaking and covered in blood. Sobs shook me. I wrapped her in my arms and rocked her. I heard doors slamming and sirens in the distance. "Son. She is gone." My father told me. I shook my head refusing to believe it. "no....NO!" I screamed through the tears. I heard crying from all around. The doors burst open and the paramedics came rushing in with a stretcher. The lifted her one and wheeled her away. I soon found that I couldn't breathe. I shut down. "Mr. Malik she will be fine." A girl said. 

"This is all my fault! She didn't want to come. I should have let her stay home. Shes d-d-dead and it's all my fault " I screamed. A few girls tried to comfort me but I ignored them all I stood up and raced out to my car. I called Niall. "Hey bu-" He started but I cut him off. "Ni. Mac's in the hospital.... She's dying HURRY!" I said he didn't ask any questions. I reached the hospital and got out of my car. "Sir you can't park there. You will get towed" A man said pulling me back. "Then tow me like I care right now! My girlfriend is fucking dying!" I said while pulling my arm his grip tightened. "I will park it for you then leave the keys at the desk..." He said. I tossed them to him. "Zayn Malik." I said before running in. I stopped at the desk. "Mackenzie Rush?" I asked she told me a room number I ran down the hall but was stopped at the door. "Sir you can't go in there." The nurse said. "I have to!" I cried. 

"I know but she is in surgery. They say she is going to make it. Now lets pass some time. Tell me what is going to be the first thing you say to her?" She asked.

"I am going to tell her how stupid she is. She should have shot me! I should be in there not her. I'm  going to tell her how much I love her. How I want to marry her and grow old with her. I want to have little hers running around. I want to get into married couple fights about who will drive our kids to music lessons or sports. I want to tell her that with out her I am nothing. I want to hug her and kiss her and I want to see her smile and know that I am the reason that she is. I want to wake up every morning next to her beautiful face. I want her to know that I love her endlessly. When she gets out of here I'm going to ask her to marry me." I said through the tears the nurse was crying now. 

"Sweety you will get to do all of those things with her. She will be fine she is a strong girl." She said before hugging me. The doctor stepped out of the room. 

"Okay sir. She is awake and doing well. Do you want to see her?" He asked I nodded. I ran into the room and saw her. 

"Mac...." I said. I walked to the end of her bed and grabbed her hand.

"Who are you?" She asked. My jaw dropped then I saw a smile creep across her face. "Just joke. Zayn I love you." She said. I smiled. She moved over and I sat next to her. " I love you too... but I'm really pissed at you." I told her. "You should have shot me. You almost killed me. Sitting outside of this room for the past hour wondering if I would hear your voice again. Thats stressful shit!" I exclaimed she laughed. I kissed her and slid my tongue into her mouth. 

"LEAVE ROOM FO JESUS!" Louis screamed. I chuckled the boys came in and hugged her. We sat and talked for about 4 hours when she fell asleep. They left the room and I fell asleep soon after.

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