Mac is kidnapped and thrown into a dangerous world. Scared, alone, and helpless she meets 1 famous boy that is in the same situation as her.


7. 7.

"...BRADFORD ENGLAND!" She exclaimed. My heart dropped. I looked at Zayn who had a devilish grin on his face. "Mum... I can't leave Zayn..." I said he laughed out loud. He wrapped me into a huge hug. "Babe I'm from Bradford. I have an apartment there." He said. I squealed and jumped up wrapping my self around his he chuckled. "Go to Northwood High. Simon wanted me to get a job there so I could watch Haz. He needs 2 more years." He said. "But he is 19?" I said confused. "Yeah he left school at 16 and when the rest of us went to get another year in he didn't want to." He told me I laughed.

*Time lapse 1 week later*


Mac has been in Bradford for about 2 days now. She left all her friends. She was given a spot on Britain's fencing team. She had now started to train with her British/Italian fencing coach. She missed Brad but Ira was amazing. Mac was eating her breakfast when Harry and Zayn pulled up. She threw the bowl in the sink and grabbed her bag while running out. She hoped into the backseat. "Ready for your first day?" Zayn asked. "Yeah..." She replied quietly. She was home schooled for the past 2 years because of how she used to be bullied. Zayn knew nothing of it. He pulled into the staff parking lot. He had his hair placed into a sleek quiff. He had a blue jumper that was tucked in at the front of his darker blue pants. The sleeves pulled back to his elbows to show his tattoo's. He slung his brown bag over his shoulder. "Bye babe." He said before placing his lips on hers. She smiled then ran after Harry.

"Haz wait up." She called he stopped and had a nervous look in his eyes. "Something wrong?" 

"Nah just perfect. I get to deal with screaming teenage girls for the next 2 years of my life." He said sarcastically. She reached into her bag and pulled out ear plugs. He smiled and slipped them in. "Imma go this way! Later Harry." She said before walking off. She reached the office and got her locker number and books. She made it to her first class, English. She walked in late. The teacher was writing his name on the board. 

"Umm.... Mr...." She started.

"Malik. You can sit in the back." He said. His name was like Zayn's but it wasn't him. She sat down and pulled out her note book. She wrote the notes. The class passed quickly and the bell rang. She walked out to see Zayn. She smiled. "Miss Rush may I speak with you." My teacher called. She nodded and walked back into class. "Yes?" She asked. "Miss. Rush you need to get caught up with your studies. May I recommend a tutor?" He asked. Mac politely declined and told him that she would do fine. She left his class and started to got to her advanced chemistry chorus. She felt herself being pushed up against the lockers. Zayn smashed his lips on her. She wrapped her arms around his neck. "Zayn... I'm gonna be late."She said. He chuckled. "Don't worry." He said before pulling her towards to her class. He opened the door. The old lady that was teaching told her to sit down. "Sorry she couldn't find the class." He said. The lady gave him a smile which he returned. 


I sat down in class and started to write the equations down. Some one threw a piece of paper on my desk. I opened it and read it.

I saw you and the teacher. You tramp. Sleeping your way to good grads. SLUT!

I ripped it up and ignored it. Soon the classes phones all went off. They all started to laugh. One boy looked quite sad. He showed me the picture. It was of Zayn and I kissing in the hallways. The caption said. Fame hunter and grade humper, too stupid to learn on her own. #slut #freezayn. Tears formed in my eyes. The boy gave me and apologetic look. I shrunk down in my seat.  I ignored the rest of the lesson. The day went by slowly. I was called slut, whore, fame hunter  bitch, fat, ugly, useless  stupid. The bell to last period rang and I went out to the car. Zayn saw me and went to hug me. I pushed him away. He looked confused and hurt. I got in and stayed silent. Harry got in and groaned. They started a conversation about how loud the girls were. I zoned out feeling numb. Zayn pulled up to his apartment and I walked in without saying anything.

*2 weeks later*

I didn't talk to any one in the past week. I stopped eating. I had stopped fencing too. I was late for class now. I was thrown against the lockers. "Hey slut you let him have you so can I get some too? Or do I have to be famous?" A boy sneered. His friends laughed. I started to walk away when one pulled me back and slapped me. They started to hit me. When they finally got bored and left I leant against the lockers. I had hate from school and all of Zayn's fans. It was just too much. It was the end of the day so I got up and headed to the car. I slid into the backseat and Zayn started the car. I had my hood up and sunglasses on, my hair covered the rest of my face. We headed home in silence. I went into our room and collapsed on the bed. Silent tears flowed. I walked into the bathroom and locked the door. I grabbed Zayn's spare razors and held one to my wrist. I slid it across I kept cutting. It released pain. I heard Zayn talking to Harry. "Harry what is going on at school. She won't even look at me." He asked. 

"Look man it's bad. Like I've heard the things she is called. It's horrible. I've tried to stop it well I've stopped most. Zayn first day a girl saw you two kissing and she took a picture and sent it around the school. She is being called a fame hunter, slut, whore, fat, stupid, ugly. Zayn... she told me not to tell you but she even had to shut down her twitter, tumblr, and Facebook accounts. And today I heard a rumor that 4 guys were going to try and get some." Harry said. I heard the chair fly back. I cleaned my cuts, and pulled my sleeves down. I walked out and sat on the couch. 

"Mac.... Babe please talk to me." Zayn pleaded. I shook my head. I looked down so he couldn't see the bruises the had formed on my face. He knelt down in between my knees. He looked up and gasped. "Who did this?" He asked. "I fell." I lied. "Bullshit. I'm not your fucking teacher right now I'm your boyfriend who is loosing his mind because you won't talk to him. Please Mac I can help." He said. I burst out into sobs. I fell onto him. Tears flowed down my cheeks. Her stroked my hair and gently rocked me back and forth. "ZAYN!" Harry called from the bathroom. He ran out holding the towel that was covered in blood. Zayn's eyes widened. He grabbed my hand and I pulled back. His grip tightened. He pulled the sleeve back. Tears fell freely from his eyes. He held me tighter and kissed my cuts. I cried harder into his shoulder. After about and hour we both stopped crying. 

"Want to watch a movie?" He asked I nodded. He popped on Cyber bully. We watched it and cried  I snuggled deeper into his chest. His heart pounded in his chest creating a soothing rythem. 


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