Mac is kidnapped and thrown into a dangerous world. Scared, alone, and helpless she meets 1 famous boy that is in the same situation as her.


6. 6.


"MACKENZIE GABRIELLE RUSH!" My dad screamed waking me up. I rolled over and hit someone. I realized that it was Zayn. I jumped out of bed. My face turned red. "Why are you sleeping with a boy?" He asked. I started to stutter. I looked over to see Zayn slowly waking out. His eyes opened and he saw my dad standing in the door way red with anger. His eyes widened and he jumped up tripping and falling to the ground. I burst into laughter. "We  will talk down stairs." He said before storming off. I looked at Zayn who was still on the ground in shock. I jumped on my bed and faced him. 

"Okay well I'm am in deep shit." I said he gave me a sheepish look. I giggled.

"Your brother said I could...." He said. I laughed. "Just put on a shirt and we will go down." I told him. We kissed before getting up. I slid on a pair of sweats and a sweater. He put on his shirt and we walked downstairs. I saw Ryan sitting at the table laughing. I shot him a glare. 

"Hi Mom, Hi Dad." I said. My father stood up. "Mackenzie who is this?" He asked referring to Zayn. "Um.. Zayn my boyfriend." I said. My mom looked really happy for me. "No he is not. You are 16! Too young for a boyfriend." He bellowed. Anger surged through me. "Okay well at least I have a good relationship. You sleep around with half the whores in this town! Mom knows but won't leave you because of the money and us! You might think I am a slut but TAKE A LOOK IN THE FUCKING MIRROR " I yelled. My father slapped me hard across the face. I fell back and Zayn caught me. "Mac we are leaving." He whispered. He wrapped his arms around me protectively and we headed for the door. "MACKENZIE YOU ARE MY DAUGHTER GET BACK HERE!" He screamed from the kitchen. "Sir. You are a sorry excuse for a father. Anyone who hits their children doesn't deserve it. You want to hurt someone try doing it to someone your own size." Zayn yelled before we left he helped me into the car. He was starting the car when my dad came out with a crowbar. "ZAYN!" I screamed as my father brought it down to the head light shattering it. Zayn's window was smashed and glass sprayed all over. I shrieked and Zayn kicked his door open. My dad swung at him and made contact with his stitches. Zayn screamed. My dad went to hit him again but then fell. Ryan was standing behind him with a glass beer bottle. We helped Zayn inside. Mom brought the first aid kit out. I tore his shirt off and grabbed the tweezers. I care fully started to pull the glass out of him. He hissed in pain each time. "Zayn. I'm starting to think that being with me is dangerous. I don't want you to get hurt.... so I think we should just en-" He cut me off by kissing me. "I like the danger. And I love you. So don't you leave me." He said while resting his forehead on mine. He brought me in for another kiss. I ran my fingers through is hair. My mom came into the room. "Mac I'm leaving him. I am taking you and your brother with me to....

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