Mac is kidnapped and thrown into a dangerous world. Scared, alone, and helpless she meets 1 famous boy that is in the same situation as her.


3. 3.

"Hey..." He said weakly. I smiled and looked up at him. "Hi." I said. I got up and turned on the light. He tried to sit up but he winced in pain. I went behind him and lifted him up so he was sitting. He placed his arms on the beds and pushed himself up. He stumbled forward but I caught him. Thats when I realized how much smaller I was. "Why?" I asked. "Why what?" He said. "Why did you attack him? He is so much bigger than you. Like twice your size." I replied even more curious. "Because he was gonna hurt you. I wasn't about to sit there and let him." He said. "Okay but you don't know me." I said. He chuckled the winced. "Yeah I know. I know that you are 16 years old, and you look, talk, and act really innocent so I assume that you are a virgin waiting for the right guy and I wasn't about to let that prick take it from you." He confessed. I smiled and lightly hugged him. He hugged back. "Thank you." I mumbled into his still bare chest. We stood there for about 5 minutes till the door opened again. Zayn pushed me behind himself.

"Shower time. Follow me." The old lady said. Zayn started to walk out of the room. I quickly positioned myself so he could lean on me. We followed the lady down the hall to a empty white bathroom. We walked in. "You have 15 minutes." She said before closing the door and locking us in. "You could have tried to run Mac. Why didn't you?" He asked. "Because I couldn't leave you." I said shyly. We stood there awkwardly for about a minute. The door opened and a man stepped in. 

"There are cameras. Shower together. No choice." He bluntly said before leaving. Zayn cupped my chin in his hands. "I won't hurt you I promise." He said. I trusted him. We took off our clothes and stepped in. The warm water ran down my back. I sighed. We put the shampoo in our hair. He grimaced in pain as he scrubbed it in. "Here." I said before replacing his hands with mine. I rinsed everything out then focused back on mine. I soon felt another set of hands and knew it was Zayn. We wrapped up our shower and the same old lady took us back to our room.  We entered and his ankles were once again chained up. We sat on his bed. I soon started to cry again. He held me close. "I just want to go home." I said. "I know... I know." He said while gently rocking me. I laid my head against his chest and soon fell asleep once again to the sound of his heart.


Zayn held her closely. He feared for the girl she was so young and innocent. He heard faint footsteps coming from down the hall. His whole body tensed and seemed to protectively wrap itself around her. Mac was fast asleep. He heard keys giggle from the other side of the door and the door unlocked. A man stepped in and grabbed Zayn. He fought and struggled to go back to Mac  but it was no use. He dragged down the hallway into another room. This one had only one bed. He thrown down. Confusion filled his mind. The man handcuffed him to the bed. He walked out of the room and struggled against the metal. Soon a 4 woman entered the room. He was terrified. One placed a hand on his leg and he flinched away from her. Zayn could not feel the blood dripping from where he struggled. 


I woke up and Zayn was no longer in the room. I froze. I started to bang and push and pull on the door screaming. The door was opened and a man stepped in. "Where is Zayn?" I screamed. The man just chuckled before leaving. I wrapped myself up in his blanket. Tears streamed down my face. I stared at the clock. After about 3 hours the door opened. I looked up to see Jaxon throwing a body into my room. I looked him dead in the eye. He smirked then shut the door. I looked at the body he threw in. It was shaking. I soon realized that it was Zayn. I realized that he was completely naked. I went over and gently pulled the blanket over him. "Zayn..." I whispered. He seemed to flinch at his own name. I placed two fingers under his head and lifted it. I looked him straight in the eyes and saw only hurt and sadness. His eyes filled with tears. "What happened?" I asked. He instantly broke into sobs. I held him. The blanket slid down and I noticed the red scratch marks and suction bruises. Tears filled my eyes. They raped him. The took away what strength he had left. I hugged him tighter. "I'm so sorry." I whispered. His cry's soon quieted down  and his breathing evened out he was soon asleep. I got up and knocked on the door. "What do you want now?" A voice asked. "I want to talk to who ever hurt him." I said they just laughed. "Okay sure." They said opening up the door. I was led down the hall to a large rec room. He pointed to 4 women in a corner. I walked over with the man who whispered something into one of their ears she laughed. "You want to talk?" She said calmly. The calm tone in her voice me me snap. "No." I said before hitting her nose in a upward motion with the heel of my hand. She shrieked in  pain. She fell to the ground and I kicked her repeatedly in the face. Soon I was fighting the other woman. I was dragged back screaming into my room. He threw me onto the ground. I looked to where I left Zayn and he wasn't there. I looked over to the closet and I saw him slipping on a white t-shirt. his hands were shaking as he pulled it to the hem of his blue jeans. He looked over to me and his jaw dropped. 

"W-what happened Mac?" He asked. I shrugged and he came over to me. "I think I killed her. If not I fucked them up pretty badly." I said nonchalantly  his eyes widened. "Who?" He asked still shocked. "The women that hurt you. They deserved a hell of a lot worse then the beating that I gave them. I wish I could rip them apart and burn them. Go-" He cut off my rant by pressing his lips to mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck. He wrapped his around my waist. We pulled away for air. I looked down and blushed. He chuckled. "Wow I should violently rant more often." I stated he chuckled. We looked at the clock it was already 9 pm. He pulled me to his bed and we slipped under the covers.  

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