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Harry and the boys finally get the vacation house that they wanted. They have amazing neighbours but one stands out.


4. Chapter 4

Wrens POV. 

I didn't respond to harry. And I could hear him leave. I have nothing I have nobody any more. Harry was my last chance of having someone close to me. And I blew it. I sat and there and thought for a moment about Harry's and mines kiss. It was so perfe- a beep stopped my thoughts. It was my friends. Shari. I haven't talked to her in ages. 

    I met Shari in a singing class a while back. She was always the star of the class. She basically  helped me become the singer I am. 

Hiii! I really miss you! I haven't talked to you in like forever! Text me back!~ Shari :)

Hey. Ya I miss u too. I'm so happy u wanna talk I really need a friend! ~ Me

Ur welcome. Want me to stop by? Ill bring movies and popcorn!~ Shari :)


Be there soon! :D~ Shari :)

I'm really excited. Shari is such a good friend. How am I gonna tell her about harry? Seriously how will she react when I tell her about my kiss with the harry styles. 

I took a quick shower and got in to my pajamas. 

DING DONG! (That's was weird lol sry)

I got up and opened the door. 

"Shari!" I screamed. 

"Wrennnnnnnnn!" She screamed. 

I walked her in and put in the movie. 

"So what's up?" She asked. 

"My new neighbor is well harry styles from one direction."

"So your upset?" She teased  

"I kissed him!" 

"I'm not seeing the bad part in all of this." She giggled. 

I explained to her about how the girl was there and how I promised I wouldn't let anyone get to close to me. 

"I say we blow that pop joint!" She yelled. 

"What do you mean?" I asked. 

"You said he's having a small party. So crash it!" 

"I can't."

"Yes you can!"

Shari pulled me up and pulled me up to my room. She ran right to my closet . She pulled 2 outfits out. One for me and one for her. Luckily we're the same size. 

"Put this on!" She yelled. 

I did what she said. I put on the black leggings and the long purple sweater. It fit nice. My backside was really big in these leggings. 

As for Shari she wore a baby pink long sleeve and black sweat pants. 

"We look like were going to sleep." I laughed. 

"No it's a kick back. That means layer back. As in chilled. No ones dressed in slutty dresses dah!" She giggled. 

We got to his house and there was loud music. 

"You knock!" I yelled. 

"No you!"

"I'm going home if you don't knock." I said. 

She walked up to the door and knocked softly. 

Niall answered. 

"He ladi- hey Wren!" Niall stopped himself. 

"Hi." I said shyly. 

"C'mon ladies!" Niall said. 

He seems a bit more sober then before. 

We walked in. 

"Hey Niall where's harry?" I asked. 

"His room!" 

"Shari, just party. Ill be back." I said.   

I walked forward to Harry's door. I was about to open it then he opened it. "harry." I stopped. "Can I talk to you?" 

He turned around and sat on his bed. I walked in slowly behind him.  His eyes were blood shot. He was whipping the tears away. 

"Harry, did I make you do this?" I asked. 

He didnt answer. I stood right in front of him. He looked up at me. 
I put my arms out and hugged him. I sat on his leg. "I'm sorry."

"Why did you leave?" He asked. 

"Harry. I left cause it felt right." 

"What do you mean?"

"The kiss. It felt right. Harry it's not you. It's Just I made a promise to myself that night my parents died. I promised to never let anyone get close to me." I told him. 

"Wren I'm sorry. I just care about you. And whatever jillion said, it's not-" I stopped him. 

"Fuck her." I laughed. 

I hugged harry again not wanting it to end. 

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