Thank you babe

Harry and the boys finally get the vacation house that they wanted. They have amazing neighbours but one stands out.


3. Chapter 3

Wrens POV. 

    I can't believe I did that! I broke every promise I ever made to myself. I fell for someone. I let them close. To close. And I kissed him. I'm so stupid! 

 I ran out of the house and sat on the door step. Part of me wanting to be alone. But the other half wanted harry to come out here and support me.

   I sat on the doorstep and waited for harry. I heard footsteps. I picked my head up out from under my arms and saw this girl. She was really pretty. She had dark brown hair and green eyes. 

 "Hi I'm jillion." She said it a bubbly voice. 

 "Wren." I smiled. I stood up to face her. 

 "Are you nialls new girlfriend?" She asked. 

 "No I'm a friend of Harry's." I said. 

Her face sunk. "Oh are you dating him?" She asked. 

"No god no." I said bluntly. I don't know why. Harry seems Luke a great guy. Why I said that was beyond me. 

 "Good cause he's mine." She smiled more of an 'I won' sort of face. 

"Wait your dating him?" I asked.

"3 months." She grind. 

I was speechless. I couldn't think of anything. I just wanted to run. I took one glance at her then the door that was opening then raced home. 

Harry's POV. 

 I finally had enough courage to go to wrens house to talk to her. When I opened the door I saw her beam away. I went to go after her when an arm pulled me away. 

"Harry! I missed you!" I heard a voice. 

I knew it was jillion. Her voice was one only a mother could love. I retrieved my arm and ran to catch up with wren. 

 When I got to wrens I knocked on the door. I heard sobs. 

"Wren let me in!" "Wren come on babe!" I paused and remembered jillion. Had she spoken to wren? "Wren whatever she said its not true!"

I heard her tears stop. "Harry. Just. Stop. You ruined everything."

"What do you mean?" I asked. 

"You kissed me! And you had a girlfriend!" 

"She's not my girlfriend! I broke up with her last week!" 

She didnt respond. 

"Wren. I wouldn't have taken her back. Cause-" how should I say this? Should I tell wren how I feel? It's now or never. I took a deep breath. "Cause wren. From the moment I met you every thing changed, I knew I had to get you whatever the pain! I had to take you and make you mine." Did I just quote a lyric of one of my songs? God I'm pathetic but it's true.  

A few seconds went by. And wren still didnt answer. I decided I'd just go home. 


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