Thank you babe

Harry and the boys finally get the vacation house that they wanted. They have amazing neighbours but one stands out.


2. Chapter 2

Harry's POV. 

We got to the store and picked up some food. 

"Harry why are so many people looking at you?" She asked as we left the store. 

"Cause I'm famous." I giggled

"Wait you are?" She asked. 

"Yeah. Ever heard of one direction?" I asked. 

"That's you?" She asked shocked. 

"Yeah." I blushed. 

"I love that song... Little things?" She asked. 

"Yeah. That's mine too!" I laughed. 

She playfully punched my arm. I smiled at her. How could someone be so beautiful? Her blue eyes were like as blue an ocean. Her blonde waves lay perfect. 

"Harry?" She asked. 

"Oh yeah?" I said snapping out of my trance. 

"Your a really great friend." She smiled. 

"You too." 

"No harry, i mean, I haven't really had a lot of friends because, my parents."

"Yeah I heard about that. I'm sorry." I said. 

"No. I know. But before they were crazy." She added. 

"What do you mean?" I asked. 

"My mom and dad cared. Cared about us. My mom that night. She called me. She said she loved me. She made my little brother tell me he loved me. Then she left the phone there on the kitchen table. I heard it. I heard her kill my dad. My brother then herself." She said sniffling. 

"Babe, it's ok. I'm here. If that helps." I said. 

"Harry it helps. It helps so much. I've been alone for so long." 

I pulled her in for a hug. I held her tight. I didn't want to let go. Her perfume smelt amazing. Her hair so soft. And her size was perfect. I could fit my arms perfectly around her. 

"Let's go." I said. We got into the car and left. 

We pulled into her drive way and carried her groceries inside. This was the first time I was in her house. It was nice and big. To big for just her. 

When we finally finished putting everything away she ran upstairs to get ready for the BBQ. 

I looked around and saw old pictures of her family. They looked so happy. 

"Let's go harryyyyy!" She said coming down the stairs. 

"You look great." I smiled. 

"Really? I just threw on anything." She teased.  

"Yeah. Lets walk over to my house." I said. 

"Ok." She said. 

We got to the house and we could smell the food. 

"HARRY!" Niall shouted. 

"Niall how is it that the BBQ hasn't started and your already drunk?" I laughed. 

"Fuck off." Niall hollered falling on the couch. 

I walked wren out to the backyard. Where Lou and Liam were grilling. 

"Hey mate!" Liam yelled. 

"Hey guys. This is wren." I said. 

"Wren from next door?" Lou asked. 

"Mmhm." I laughed. 

Wren seemed shy. She just stood behind me the whole time. 

"Wren? Can I talk to you alone?" I asked. 

"Sure." She smiled. 

I pulled her into my room. "Are you ok? I mean you seem quiet. I don't know. That sounds mean. Are you uncomfortable? Want to just stay in here? I-" wren cut me off. She placed her soft lips on mine. 

She pulled off quickly and ran out the house. That's weird. Did I do something? What just happened?

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