You got that one thing

Hope and her best friend bianca runaway from home and on the way they meet someone they well never forget and well love forever will bianca finally have a boyfriend that doesn't hurt her? Will hope finally love someone forever? Find out


9. when i got home

we got home and Niall was eating my food that Louis got me from Nandos i heard the door bell ring but first i looked though the window it was Eleanor calder "Niall get the door"i said staring at niall to get the door "fine"he said as he opened the door "hey Niall have you seen Louis"Eleanor asked "ya ill get him"niall said "LOUIS! GET DOWN HERE!"niall screamed i was in Louis' room with him talking so we came down together holding hands "Hey Eleanor whats up"louis said while seeing Eleanor was about to cry "Louis i want you back"Eleanor said "Eleanor we are never getting back together"Louis said then he kissed me "But Louis you said forever"Eleanor cried "Don't blame him you cheated on him Eleanor"i stepped in this chat "Ya what she said"Louis smiled as Niall walked though the door "where are you going Niall"Louis asked "when elizabeth  comes down tell her im outside"Niall said running to his car 

Eleanor's P.O.V 

ever since that b**ch came into louis life that's all he talks about i did cheat on him but something needs to happen to her right when i said that i came up with an idea and went to my kitchen and got ice cream and found my notebook "lets write down my plan"i said as i wrote try to make hope crash her car "this well do"i said smirking

Louis' P.O.V 

"babe im going shopping"hope yelled from upstairs "im coming with"i yelled back while making eggs and heart shaped pancakes for hope and she had no idea i finally finshed cooking and she walks down "thanks lou"she said then she hugged me "any time babe"i said then kissed her check "enjoy babe'i said while i stole a pancake and she saw "louis i saw that but i dont care we can share what you made"she said and she smiled then her eyes sparked "ok babe"i said 

10 minutes later

"ready to go shopping"I said "yep im ready lets go"hope said

Eleanor's P.O.V 

this was time to put my plan into action i saw hope pull out her driveway but someone was in there LOUIS! who cares about that just make sure louis doesn't get hurt and i drove after then speeding and my car jammed into hope's car hitting hope only

Louis' P.O.V

"hope are you ok!"i yelled "help me louis"she said quietly but thank god the hosptial was right there i grabbed her out of the car carrying her and running but i saw the tour bus behind are you serious there here i ran inside "hello what can i do for you"a lady at the desk said "um my girlfriend got hurt when a car jammed into her car"i said about to cry "take her to room 118"she said and i remember i was in that room once when glass was inside me "thank you"i said and she called room 118 to tell the doctors we are coming but i just ran into that room "what happend here"the doctor said "my girlfriend got hurt when a car jammed into her car"i said about to cry "ok we well take care of her go into the waiting room"the doctor said "ok"i said running out and i went in the waiting room the boys and there girls were there the girls were crying like crazy "Louis!your ok!"harry said but then kissed bianca that made her stop "im ok but i dont know if hope is"i said then cried "she can't be gone"liam said trying to clam me down "liam its not working"zayn said but the doctor walked out oh god "hope is recovering"the doctor said "thanks god shes ok"Erin,Elizabeth,Jenna and bianca said and jumped up in down but hope walked out perfectly fine "she's recovered"Erin screamed "Lets head back home"harry said "in the tour bus"zayn asked "yes zayn in the tour bus"jenna said and smiled

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