You got that one thing

Hope and her best friend bianca runaway from home and on the way they meet someone they well never forget and well love forever will bianca finally have a boyfriend that doesn't hurt her? Will hope finally love someone forever? Find out



we finally got to Elizabeth's house Niall went in with me 

"HOPE WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE" Elizabeth's dad yelled

"i'm here to hang out with Elizabeth"i said right when he breaked Niall's leg

"YOU LEFT MY SON FOR NIALL HORAN"Elizabeth's dad yelled

"NO I DIDN'T"i yelled so loud louis came in

"NIALL! are you ok"louis yelled

"help me louis i can't walk"niall screamed

"WHERE ARE YOU GOING HOPE" Elizabeth's dad yelled when I saw Louis run out of the house with Niall I ran to Elizabeth's window on the ladder

"hurry come down with your bag"I said to Elizabeth 

"ok I'm coming"she said smiling she's like my sister me,her,erin and Bianca are a group of friends that get along so well

"COME ON BABE"Lou yelled

"don't ask just run Elizabeth"I yelled

"hop in"Liam said looking into Erin's eyes I think he likes her

"hazza get going now!"Louis yelled

"what happend nialler"Elizabeth looked so worried niall had seen her before 

"your crazy dad breaked my leg"Niall screamed in pain

"OMG niall that's very bad here"Elizabeth kissed Niall 

"thanks your so cute with you blonde hair and blue eyes like me"Niall smiled 

"aww nialler"she said and she was blushing



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