You got that one thing

Hope and her best friend bianca runaway from home and on the way they meet someone they well never forget and well love forever will bianca finally have a boyfriend that doesn't hurt her? Will hope finally love someone forever? Find out


6. Jenna

Hope's P.O.V

"Lou we got to go get Jenna"I smiled "btw SHOTGUN! Beat you niall"I laughed

"let's go then"Louis said

"wait Louis I'll drive to the airport enjoy your guys dates"zayn said

"everyone get ready"Louis yelled

"yay"everyone yelled we went to are rooms and it took two minutes for us to get ready it was at a amusement park

"Lou I'll met you in the car"I yelled

"ok love"Louis yelled as I walked towards the door I saw my mom by the car I went outside but was my mom still alive she's the nice one thank god she's here

"well it's a surprise to see you runaway from dad all the way from Doncaster to Yorkshire"my mom hugged me

"I had to mom"I hugged her back and lou walked out from the house 

"hope is this Jenna"Louis asked

"no my mom found me but my dad made us believe she was dead"I smiled "mom this is my boyfriend Louis Tomlinson"I smiled again

"hi I'm Trisha nice to meet you Louis"my mom shaked his hand

"nice to meet you too"Lou smiled

"see you later mom"I waved when we got in the car "sorry about that Lou" I smiled

"it's ok we had to meet you dad but your mom is nice she repects us"Louis smiled

"true my dad would have killed me"I looked down

"it's ok hope"he kissed me and said that after are kiss

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