You got that one thing

Hope and her best friend bianca runaway from home and on the way they meet someone they well never forget and well love forever will bianca finally have a boyfriend that doesn't hurt her? Will hope finally love someone forever? Find out


7. drivin to the mall great NOT HIM

"Hope we got to go shopping for your wedding it's tomarrow"Jenna yelled

"lets invite perri and her whole band"I suggested

"ok we're still coming too"Erin jumped up for how happy she was for me 

"I'll call them"Elizabeth jumped she got her phone and right away jade got to the phone

"hello this is jade"jade said

"hey it's me Elizabeth meet me at the mall with perri,jesy and Leigh-Anne"Elizabeth said looking at the tv

"kk met you there in a hour girl bye"jade said before hanging up

"girls lets go"erin yelled

"were are you going"harry yelled

"shopping hunny bun"bianca said kissing hazza

"ok be safe"harry said

"bye harry"we all yelled

"i cant wait"jenna said

"jenna you got to tell them now"i said

"ok so zayn proposed"jenna was so happy

"ahhhh"i screamed as somone behind them had a gun it was MY DAD!

"PULL OVER B***H"my dad screamed thank god police got there before he fired louis and the boys got a ride in the police car thank god there are here louis cares about me

"babe are you ok?"louis said running over to me

"im ok"i said then he kissed me he cares so much hes perfect

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