You got that one thing

Hope and her best friend bianca runaway from home and on the way they meet someone they well never forget and well love forever will bianca finally have a boyfriend that doesn't hurt her? Will hope finally love someone forever? Find out


5. 1 year since we met 1D

Louis P.O.V

All the boys were taking there girlfriends on a date expect for zayn poor him he is trying to find her hope,Elizabeth,Erin and Bianca stopped my thoughts

"so when are you moving back to London Jenna"hope asked

"soon so who do you live with now"I heard a voice on the computer upstairs they had to be on video chat

"here we well show you"Elizabeth said right when they ran downstairs to zayn first

"Hi I'm zayn"zayn said to Jenna 

"I'm Jenna"Jenna said I bet zayn wanted her

"next person"Erin laughed

"hey I'm Harry"right when he said that Bianca kissed him on the check

"You get the rest"Bianca laughed

"bye see ya I'm on the plane were landing bye"Jenna waved

"bye Jenna"everyone yelled

"hope"I said playing with the box the ring came in

"yes Lou"hope smiled

"close your eyes"I said right when i got on one knee and everyone gasped

"hope you are very special to me I can't wait to ask you this but will you marry me?"I said on my one knee

"Lou I well marry you!"hope said and I put the ring on

"Louis can Jenna stay with us"zayn asked 

"sure why not"I smiled so brightly

"thanks Louis"zayn said so happy

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