Stephanie Evans was the innocent young girl. She seemed to have the perfect life. Great in school, shy, and the perfect child to her parents. Her parents have been planning to move to Bradford so her father can get a good job. Stephanie has to say good bye to her friends back home and leave the school she loved. She expects nothing good from this move and hates having to leave. Would she have found herself falling in love with a boy who was the complete opposite of her ? Zayn malik comes into her life and makes upon on her innocence. Will she actually develop feelings for this Bradford bad boi & fall in love ? Read to find out in INNOCENCE.


8. Trouble, trouble...

When lunch finished up the school went down the gym. It was huge! We all settle down in the bleachers. I sit between Danielle and Eleanor with Niall next to Danielle, Louis behind Eleanor as she lays backs into him, Liam behind Danielle and she does the same. Austin comes in a few minutes later and finds a seat next to Eleanor. After Daniele told me I didn't dare to look around for Zayn. She said it so concerned and serious and it honestly frightened me. I don't like trouble and I stay away from it but the way she said it was as if hes killed a someone! When everyone was seated and quiet the principal made an announcement. 

"Welcome and welcome back to westwards high everyone, as we do every year we would like to have our cheer team then school band perform for you" "enjoy the show, keep your voices low, and watch" she walks off stage and to the side of the bleachers with the other teachers across the gym. The cheer team comes out and performs. They were really good! I always wanted to be a cheerleader but its so much work. After the cheer team finished everyone claps then the band performs. Wow, they sounded amazing! This school isn't so bad. 
When the band finished playing and the principal thanked all of us she dismissed us. 

"What are you doing after school?" Eleanor asks catching up to me at my locker along with Danielle.

"Nothing really just homework, why?" I pack my books from my locker into my bag.

"We'll me and dani were wondering if you wanted to hang out" she smiles widely. 

"Sure you guys can come over" I smile at both of them.

"Great!" Danielle squeals in excitement.  I giggle.

"My dad might be waiting outside already lets go" we exit the school and I see Austin outside. 

"Bye Austy!" 
"Cya peanut!" He waves. 
Danielle Eleanor and I walk to my dads car and hop in. 

"Hello girls" my dad says caught by surprised.

"Oh, dad this is Eleanor-" I motion at el "and this is Danielle" I point at Danielle. The two girls smile. "Hello mr.booker" 

"Nice to meet you young ladies, glad you made some friends sweetie" he drives home.


We got home and we thanked my dad for the ride. My mom isn't home right now so we just to straight up to my new room. 

"Love your room oh my gosh!" Danielle compliments throwing herself on my bed.

"This color is perfect with the zebra print" Eleanor says. I laugh. I grab the remote and join the girls sitting on the bed. I turn on he tv and put search for a channel. We decide on fashion police. 

"Joan is so funny!" Dani says.

"I know right did you see what she tweets about Justin?" El adds:

"Haha yeah! I like JB and all but that was hilarious" I laugh. We take out our books and start out homework while talking. I look up and notice Danielle pushing her books aside as Eleanor continues to work.

"So, why were you smiling at Zayn today?" Dani asks.

"Because his smile" I blush.

"Ew" Eleanor comments as she works. I look at her confusingly.

"Stephanie, zayn isn't the guy you want to hang out with.." "Hes no good, hes trouble and that's all he'll get you into". I quickly get nervous.

"Why is he know as trouble?"

Danielle looks at Eleanor for approval and Eleanor nods.

"Zayn is violent. He gets into fights all the time. His step dad use to abuse his mom and that's why he's so rough and violent. He ditches constantly, suspended about hundreds of times, detention like every week, and well.." Danielle hesitates to continue. 

"Just tell her dani" Eleanor says understandingly.

"HESINAGANG" she spits out in one breathe.

"Excuse me?" 

"He is in a gang Stephanie. He is dangerous"

I go pale in fear. Zayn is in a gang? Nothing good comes from those. People get killed! Now that I know this maybe Zayn did kill someone in his lifetime in this gang. He was dangerous and the message was clear, I needed to stay away. 

"Oh my gosh.."


"There's more" Eleanor continues "he sleeps around with girls all the time. He is a douche! A complete man whore. You'd expect him to respect them since he has sisters he loves more than anything ever but I guess that's just them" 

"What an ass" I comment and they nod.

"It's like he choses a girl and wether you like it or not sooner or later hes in your pants" 

I freeze. 'Even better' is that why Zayn is nice to me? He just wants to get into my pants. If he thinks hes getting me in bed with him he has another thing coming. Zayn isn't going to get the girl this time and that's a fact. I'm no toy or slut of the night. He can have a good time trying. 

"Thanks girls"

"Your welcome" they smile.

"Just stay away stephanie. His whole table. Stay away".

"What's wrong with curly?"

"You mean Harry?" 

Danielle gets up and runs into the bathroom crying.

"Danielle! I'm sorry!" Eleanor calls.

"What did I say?" 

"Harry took a advantage of her cousin Alissa"

"He raped her?!" I gasp in horror.

"No no! Not really. They slept together and he only did it as a game"

"What do you mean?"

"Those nasty pricks have this game where they have to find a Virgin and take their virginity" "it's a sick game and its their own contest"

That is truly disgusting and sick ! How could he do such a thing?

"He didn't care about her he cared about the stupid game".

Danielle comes out and we apologize. 

"It's ok guys seriously its fine" she laughs wiping a tear. "Im fine" at this point we were hugging her. 

We watched some tv and talked for the rest of the time we had. Eventually it was time for the girls to leave. I said goodbye and so did my dad. My mom got home and they met her before they left. My dad drove them both home and I stayed behind.

"How was school?"

"It was interesting"

"Is that good?" She grins.

"Yeah" I laugh. 

"Alright I'm tired night!" 

"Night hun sleep tight"

"Love you, when dad comes home tell him I said night and thank you"

"Alright hun love you to".

I walk upstairs, take a shower, and change into some sweats and a white oversized v neck. I climb into bed and fall asleep. 

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