Stephanie Evans was the innocent young girl. She seemed to have the perfect life. Great in school, shy, and the perfect child to her parents. Her parents have been planning to move to Bradford so her father can get a good job. Stephanie has to say good bye to her friends back home and leave the school she loved. She expects nothing good from this move and hates having to leave. Would she have found herself falling in love with a boy who was the complete opposite of her ? Zayn malik comes into her life and makes upon on her innocence. Will she actually develop feelings for this Bradford bad boi & fall in love ? Read to find out in INNOCENCE.


5. New home new life

The plane landed and everyone who was on clapped when it did. I hate when people clap. I just find it annoying. Like 'yay we didn't die lets clap'. I gathered my things and we exited the plane and went outside. It was very hot and I began to sweat slightly. 

"Daaad!! When are we leaving to the house? I'm baking over hereeee" my dad laughs and a big car pulls over in front of us. "There he is!" He? Who's he? 

The person opens the door and gets out the car and walks around towards us. He was young probably around 18. He had brown hair that was pushed back. He wore sunglasses and a white hollister t-shirt, khaki shorts the ones with like 4 pockets and, white converse 

. "Austin!!" My dad says giving him a guy hug. The ones where they don't completely hug they just grab hands and bump shoulders. My mom pulled him into a hug and rubbed his back 

"so nice to see you again sweetie you have gotten so big dear!" 

The boy who I learned is named Austin smiles at my mom and laughs. He looks at me and then I look up at him awkwardly. 

"Well don't I get a hug Evans?" He smirks.
 I panicked. Apparently I know this boy and he knows me but I don't even remember him.

 "Uhh" I say faking a smile. 

He gets the message "you really don't remember me do ya?" "Austy?" He says showing me a bracelet.
 "Oh my gosh!" My face lights up in excitement and disbelief. "AUSTYY" I jump into his arms and he catches me and holds me laughing. I snuggle into his neck. Austin is my best friend. We knew each other as kids. He use to live in New York near us but then moved to England. Years went by and I forgot about him. We haven't kept in touch much because of time zones. We sometimes video chatted but then that stopped to after our phone calls. I guess my dad contacted him so we can meet up when we got here to England. 
"I missed ya peanut" I pull my head back sending him a glare. "Ugh, you remember" he nicknamed me peanut. I hated it  but he was my best friend so it was ok. "Of course" I laughed. He put me down. "Alright lets hop in" Austin claps his hands. "This your ride?" I ask looking at the black range rover. "You betcha" he says standing next to me arms crossed looking at his car. "New?" I guessed. "Yupp". He opens the passenger seat and motions me to go inside. I climb into the car and sit down pulling the belt on. He closes the door and helps my parents put the luggage in the trunk. I text Alina since now isn't the time to call her.

 "Just landed, reunited with Austin!" I use to tell her about Austin. 

He looks so different ! Puberty did him good. I have to admit he does look good and fit. But, hes my bestfriend nothing less nothing more I don't feel that way about him. He's like a brother figure. 

Zzz,zzz. My phone vibrates.

"Tell him I said hello! Call me when your at the house. X" I reply "k" and place my phone on my thigh. 

I tap the dashboard making up a beat. The trunk slams close and Austin opens the back doors and my parents get in. Austin walks around the car then into the drivers seat next to me.

 "Puberty" I sate. "Did me good eh?" He jokes. "Don't flatter yourself   Collins" I joke. "I mean, you were so small and now your all fit and well this" I say signaling my hands at him. He laughs. He drives and my parents have a conversation in the back while me and Austin catch up. 


After me and Austin talked I rested my head on the window and observed Bradford. My eye lids  got heavy and I soon fell asleep.

"Peanut?" I felt someone tug on my shoulder. "Peanut? We're here" my eye lids fluttered open and everything was a bit blurry for a second then vision was focused on Austin. "New house?" I asked "yeah" I signed. He grabs my hand and helps me out the car. "Don't worry, you'll love Bradford" I signed again. "Everyone says that, why?" I roll my eyes then look at him. "Because I'm here"
He winks. "Exactly!" He sticks his bottom lip out and makes a pouty face. I slightly smack his arm. "Im kidding Austy" I laugh. He smiles then walks to the trunk to get our luggagee out. 

I look at what is now the house I will be living in. I have to say its really nice. Bigger than the one back in New York. I walk down the path to the house. The driveway is left to the door and the living room windows is on the right. I look up and there is a window in the middle and two next to it. The house had three floors and on the third is one slightly big yet wide window in the middle. The house is pretty tall and wide and I definitely think I will like it.

I turn the knob and sign remembering that I don't have the keys. I spin quickly on my heels to run down the path and get the keys but I bump into someone before I could run. 

"Wow there sweetie, forgetting something?" My dad asks holding up the keys. "Yes" I snatch them and spin around again and unlocking this door. "Bye" I say before walking in and closing the door. I turn my head to look out the door window and see my dad walking down the path to get the luggage and boxes. 

I look both sides and I smile. The house is very nice. Sky blue walls and shiny light brown floors. I walk through the open wall to the left and end up in what seems to be a dining room. There's a big window taking up almost the whole wall. You could see the path through it. I turn to the right and walk into the kitchen. It is very big and I know my mom will fall in love. Brown cabinets and marble counters along with a island in the middle. There's a sliding door across the room that leads you to the back yard. Our old house didn't have one. 

"Stephanie?" My mom calls from outside. "Come help!" I walk back to the front door and go down the path. 

"What's up?" 
"Help with boxes" 
"Where's mine?"
She points to the boxes on the ground next to the truck. I walk to them picking up two. 
"Need help?" Austin ask. 
"Please" I say behind the boxes blocking my face.
He laughs picking up three and following me down the path.

The truck left and all the boxes are in the house. The truck with our furniture came a while ago and placed everything inside. My bed frame, mattress, and zebra duvet was all done and in the middle of the room. My walls were white but not for long. Austin was leaned up against the wall where the window is doing something on his phone. 

"Wanna paint my room?"
He looked up at me.
"Sure what color?"
He smiled.
"When do you want to go get paint?" 

I think its best we do it before all the furniture is placed in my room. We moved my bed to the middle of the room so it wasn't touching the wall. We went downstairs and I asked my mom for keys and she gave me them.

"Where you going?"
"To get paint, Austin's driving me and I need to keys to come in"
"Alright don't be long"

Me and Austin waved to my
Mom and we went got into car in the driveway. 

"We need a plastic blanket for the ground" I said going through the colors.
"I'll go get it" he says walking off.
"Can I help you?" A girl asks. She was young. Blonde hair and bright green eyes. 
"Im looking for turquoise" I smile at her. 
She smiles back and motions me to follow.

We get to a counter and she goes behind it and into the back room. I wait at the counter tapping my fingers. She comes out few minutes later with two buckets of paint. "Will this do?" She asks smiling. "Perfect" I smile back at her and give her my moms card to pay. "Have a nice day" "you to" I walk off looking for Austin. 

Buzz buzz.

My phone vibrates and I check it.

"Austyyy: meet me in the car I got the plastsic floor cover" 

I dip the brush into the bucket and test it on the wall. "Perfect" I smile widely and Austin laughs. We put on aprons and I we changed clothes so we don't ruin our good ones. I gave Austin one of dads tee shirts and I wore one of my dads sweaters that he didn't use. We started painting and talking. 

"See, your in Bradford having a good time" 
"Yeah yeah" I laugh.
He flicks paint at me. 
"Admit it" he smirks. 
I send him a jokingly glare. 
"C'mon you know you love Bradford admit it" he laughs. 
"Nope!" He flicks paint at me once again. 
"Austin!" I shriek as paint flicks at my face. He laughs. 
"That's it!" I slap the brush across his face gently and his draw drops jokingly.


We finished painting and my room was a beautiful turquoise. All my furniture was in place. Tv hanging on the wall across from my bed. Walk in closet on the wall to the right across from my bed next to the bedroom door, & dresser on the left wall across form my bed next to the big window. It was kind of dark and Austin left. I brushed my teeth, showered, and changed into sweats and a black crop top and got in bed. Tomorrow is my first day of my new school. My stomach flipped at the thought. I was nervous. I pulled the soft zebra covers over my body and drifted to sleep. 

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