Stephanie Evans was the innocent young girl. She seemed to have the perfect life. Great in school, shy, and the perfect child to her parents. Her parents have been planning to move to Bradford so her father can get a good job. Stephanie has to say good bye to her friends back home and leave the school she loved. She expects nothing good from this move and hates having to leave. Would she have found herself falling in love with a boy who was the complete opposite of her ? Zayn malik comes into her life and makes upon on her innocence. Will she actually develop feelings for this Bradford bad boi & fall in love ? Read to find out in INNOCENCE.



Dun dun! Drama and action next chapter! You would have never seen it coming! WOOO. 

T H A N K Y OU for 2k reads! You are all truly amazing! I love you all (: hope you are enjoying the story. I know its getting boring but next chapter things change. Keep reading! Next weekend I will update the oh so interesting juicy chapter lol! 

Btw, shoutout to everyone who kiked or tweeted me(: <3





(Warning: I am not always on!) 


1ddesiress .

(I plan on changing it around haha but anyway ILY ALL BYEEE) ❤

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