Stephanie Evans was the innocent young girl. She seemed to have the perfect life. Great in school, shy, and the perfect child to her parents. Her parents have been planning to move to Bradford so her father can get a good job. Stephanie has to say good bye to her friends back home and leave the school she loved. She expects nothing good from this move and hates having to leave. Would she have found herself falling in love with a boy who was the complete opposite of her ? Zayn malik comes into her life and makes upon on her innocence. Will she actually develop feelings for this Bradford bad boi & fall in love ? Read to find out in INNOCENCE.


15. If only you knew

I tapped my pencil on my desk not paying a single bit of attention to the teacher. All I thought about was Zayn and my feelings for him. I've been making myself believe I should hate him but when I come near him I lose all thought of the hatred and just remember the night at my house. The kiss. The innocent touches. It was all new to me. The only thing keeping me from establishing those feelings is who he is. Is he really trying to get into my pants? Did he really mean what he said about not wanting to hurt me?

"Stephanie?" The teacher snapped me out of my thoughts. I was confused as to what we were doing. The kid next to me whispered the answer and I repeated it aloud.

"Good" the teacher turned around to the board.


I went down the stairs and began to walk to the lunch room. I saw Zayn talking with one of the boys from his table. Zayn seemed angry. I didn't realize I was staring until zayn's eyes met mine. He seemed to have calmed down when he saw me but it seemed as he came to realization and stiffened up again focusing on the boy speaking to him. I frowned and continued my way to the lunch room. I wasn't hungry or in the mood of eating. I honestly wasn't in the social mood at the moment. Austin spotted me but I shook my head. He nodded in understanding then I turned around and decided to go the gym. It was empty and lights were off. It was perfect to get my mind of things and get away from everyone. When I got to the gym I pushed through the door and went to the very top of the bleachers placing my book bag down and laying on my back on the seat. I closed my eyes and day dreamed until I heard movement. I peeked and saw Zayn settling himself next to me and laying down just like me.

"Hey" he spoke.

"Hey yourself" I smiled weakly.

"Why are you here?"

"Needed to get away from the crowd"

"I see" he said understanding.

"Can I ask you something?"

I nodded in reply.

"Do you really hate me?"

"No" I said head turning to him. "I was angry Zayn that's all" he then nodded.

"Can I ask you one more thing?"

I nodded in reply again.

"Do you really wish you didn't kiss me?" I looked at him eye brows furrowed. Why did he care?

"No" I said truthfully. He nodded grinning.

"Can I take you out? Saturday night"

"Treating me to lunch?"

"Of course love" he winked and I giggled.

"Then sure" what could go wrong?


We spoke for a while. Spending this time alone with him I learned a but about him. Zayn wasn't so much of a person who was use to being kind or has patience. He gets ticked easily and sometimes forgets I'm a girl. He slowly adjusted to me and spoke and acted in a calmly mater.

"Have you ever killed anyone Zayn?"

Zayn looked at me in horror. Almost as he didn't want to answer. I shook my head as in 'never mind' and he signed in relief. Did he really every kill someone? Zayn confuses me. He truly does.

"You don't seem so dangerous ya know"

"If only you knew"

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